Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


2. Sammie (Samantha's P.O.V)

I opened my eyes to my normal room. Everything around me was blue or pink, maybe even grey. It may have seemed boring to everyone else, but to me it was a sanctuary.

I stood from my sleeping position and walked over to the mirror on the left wall of my room. I looked in the mirror to see, my long, black hair sticking up in odd directions and my pyjamas half opened. I looked at my eyes. They were a deep red and still half lidded with sleep.

I ran a hand through my hair and sighed. School again today. I continued with my morning routine. Shower, hair dry, hair brush, change, breakfast, teeth brush and the journey to school.

I hated school, the thing I hated most was the uniforms, yes the school has a uniform. For girls, a plait red skirt that reaches mid-thigh, a white button up blouse, a grey jumper, grey knee high socks and black pumps. For boys, a white button up shirt, grey trousers, a school tie, jumper same as the girls and black shoes.

When I finally reached the hell hole we called school I sat in my usual seat. Row 5, seat 5. The classroom was set out in 5 rows with 5 seats at each. Meaning our class had 25 pupils, I can do maths alright. My chair was in the back of the room in the corner, so I enjoyed it.

I was early and no one had arrived yet, bar a couple of teachers. I put my feet up on the table and plugged in my head phones. I had around an hour before anyone arrived so I might have as well had enjoyed it.

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