Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


5. Jamie I hate you (Eric's P.O.V)

I walked home after bumping into that girl. Her eyes were different that others, a ruby red, beautiful. Hm, her hair was a silky black as well.

I arrived to our small house and as I opened the door I was faced by my eldest brother. "Jamie?! I thought you loved out years ago?!" I shouted. I hated my brother, and I didn't hide it, why should I?

Jamie reached over to me and grabbed my hoodie. He pulled me closer to him and punched me. "I heard you disobeyed mum, pipsqueak" he spat.

Jamie was all bulk and brawn. He didn't have a brain and I had no chance against him. I shook my head gently and he dropped me. "I hate you!" I shouted and ran to my room.

"Oh stop being a hormonal girl!" He shouted up to me. I growled as I landed on my bed and played my music as high as I could.

I began my homework and tried to ignore the loud noises of my brother downstairs.

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