Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


3. Eric (Eric's P.O.V)

I stood in the doorway of my kitchen. My hood was up, my bag was slung over my back and my black, hair was a mess. I didn't really care though.

After five minutes I was still standing there. I was waiting on my little sister so we could walk to school. I looked over my outfit. I was wearing my favourite grey hoodie, tattered jeans and worn trainers. "Ugh I'm leaving" I called out.

I began my journey to school. I walked passed the 'Posh' school of our town. It was a private school with uniforms and stuff like that. I went to the public school, it worked for me and my family as it was quite large and we didn't have much money.

I looked in one of the windows. A girl was sitting there. Her feet were up on the desk and she was leaning back in her chair. Her long black hair almost flowed down her back and she seemed to have earphones in.

I brushed off the sight of the girl and continued my journey. I reached the school and found a tree. It was the same tree I sat under every morning. I was always the first person in school and it was never open, so I sat under that one tree.

I put my earphones in and played some music. I wasn't the popular kid, so my taste in music was different than the normal teenager. 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' by Bowling For Soup began to play. I closed my eyes and leant against the tree. "Here's to the start of another terrible day" I said to myself.

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