Rebel '8'

♦She's a rebel, She's a saint, She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous♦


3. T h r e e

T h r e e

Sloan's POV

I woke up to my alarm going off, fucking hell, I got up and walked to my bathroom, turning on the shower I proceeded to undress myself before walking into the glass cage.
I stepped out and dried my hair and body, wrapping my towel around me, I walked back into my room and walked to my dresser pulling out this , I chucked my vans on along with a few bracelets, I grabbed my beats off my desk and headed downstairs and checked the time, 8:15am okay I gotta go, running out the door making sure I grab my skateboard.

I got off my board and walked into school grounds giving death stares to anyone who looks at me.

"Oi! Sloan!" I turned around to see Carter walking towards me.

"Hey! finally out of Juvie I see" I laughed hugging her.

"Yea, finally haha" She walked beside me and leaned on the locker.

"How you been lately?" She asked as I shut my locker and started walking out back.

"Yea good, me and Zayn are dating now" I said as we walked outside.

"I knew it would happen one day!" She squealed, I took a seat on the grass grabbing a cone and a lighter from my bag.

"Want one?"

"Sure" I nodded and lit it up and handed it to her.

"Hey who's that?" I looked to where she was looking.

"Uhm I don’t know"

"Oi mate! what's ya name?" He turned to us and I saw it was that nerd from last night.

"U-hh m-ee?" He said as he got closer to us.

"Well duh dip-shit" I said taking a drag.

"Harry Styles" That name rings a bell..

"You can go now" Carter said.

"Ye-yea ok-ay" I laughed at him once he walked off.

"He was pretty hot"

"Carter!" I slapped her arm.

"What?" I took a long drag before the bell went.

I headed to Science where I was met with Mrs Daniels.

"Ah, Sloan you decided to show up today, you can sit next to Harry today" She smiled, man I could shank that bitch, I walked to where Harry was sitting and sat next to him.

"Okay let's get this straight, don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, actually avoid all contact with me, okay?" I said sternly, he nodded and got back to his work.

"Carter, you gonna come to Liam's?" I obviously knew the answer.

"Yea might as well" She tried to play it cool, I laughed at her stubbornness.
We arrived about ten minutes later, we walked inside only to be attacked by a familiar pair of lips.

"Hey baby" Zayn said against my lips.

"Hi" I laughed, I pulled away and followed everyone else into the kitchen where we all sat and talked.

"Mate had the greatest shag last night" Liam said lighting up a cone for all of us.

"Really who?" Niall asked.

"Cynthia Gordan" We all gasped.

"You know who her father is right" I said taking a seat on on Zayn's lap.

"Yea and totally worth it"

"Good on ya mate" Louis said taking a drag and passing it to Carter. It was late and we all started to disperse, I walked outside after I said bye to Carter who was going to stay at Liam's, I laughed knowing he would get rejected.

"Babe you ready to go?" I nodded as Zayn slipped the helmet on my head, he hopped on and I followed behind.

"Goodnight baby" I kissed him ever so softly on the lips before skipping up to my house and walking in. Notes

Okay new update, sorry if it's not great but uhm yeah!
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Sloan's Bedroom:

S u b s c r i b e

R a t e

C o m m e n t

~L I V~

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