Its about a special needs boy who had a best friend but what happens when your best friend becomes ab bully will he be able to change him and turn him back to the nice best friend or is t to late


1. the friend becomes a bully

James had special needs but that did not  stop him stop from being who he is. This friendly kind of guy he  was getting ready for school he got changed and left  got on the school bus and went to school his friend Dominick was not  on the bus which was weird  he arrived at the school and sore his best friend hey man he looked  really scared whats wrong we cant be friends wait what trust me he pushed him to the floor James got up and ran to his class in teas he was really hurt   the teacher entered hie James your here earlier um yes i am is everything OK he looked um everything perfect

 she left James just put his head on the desk and was hoping it was all a dream but it  was not. Dominick come in with a group of boys and laughed at him saw did the other boys and left what a stupid boy  . can you believe i use to be friends with him for reel. end of part 1

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