When Harry Styles gets drunk and has a horrible night, a Bar tender takes him back to his hotel and watches over him, making sure the star does nothing stupid. But, things start to rise and they soon fall for Eachother, except Harry won't admit it.


1. chapter 1

It was another day at the bar, getting drinks that smelled like rotten cheese for people who were totally wasted and practically on the floor. I only made an average amount of money but I was ok because I planned on getting a room mate to help share the house cost. Sometimes I would give less alcohol but It's only for the best.

I was just sitting on the counter when a man my age walked up to me

"Excuse me can I have a drink. Whatever you got." He asked, wasted. He was only standing because he was holding onto the counter.

"Yeah" I said and gave him a bottle of our surprise special. I didn't even know what was in it because the mixer didn't tell me. He flirts with me and just says 'try it to find out'.

So, the boy started chugging each drink I gave him and finally my shift ended. I passed the next employee and while walking out I saw the boy again.

"Hey are you ok? Do you need a drive home?" I asked touching his shoulder.

"Sure.." He puked out on the road.

I didn't know why he got so wasted but I assumed the hotel directions he had in his pocket that fell out into my car, was where he was staying. And the keys in his jacket to room 29, was his room. I drove 20 mins to the hotel, and we were soon there. He kept puking out the window, and even though he was puking in my car, it was better he puked out the window.

"Were here." I said. I got out and opened his door for him, pulling him and lifting him inside.

"C'mon help me. I can't get you in if you don't stand" I said.

"I am standing" he said blank.

"Ok. Elevator. Just don't puke." I said, walking into the elevator with him. (Pulling him still)

As it went up, he clenched his stomach. I felt bad that he was so drunk, and he would have a terrible hangover.

"Here. Room 29 is down this hall." I said, tugging his arm around. He was walking slow but it was fine.

I approached room 20 and it only took a few minutes to find his room. He leaned on me, not being able to stand up. I pulled his keys out and unlocked the door. I pulled him in, and shut his door. He landed on his couch.


It was 11:25 am and I woke up. I didn't know how I fell asleep and I couldn't remember. I was just sitting on the wastes boys bed now. But, I never even saw the bed. As I stand up , I realize someone is puking. Violently.

I ran to the bathroom, and I was right. The boy was sick and puking his brain out.

"Do you need anything?" I asked.

He shook his head no. He was holding the toilet.

"Please stay and help me." He asked, puking instantly after.

"Yeah. Of course." I lightly smiled. "When the puking goes away, take a shower." I said. Then, I walked out into the kitchen and got him a water. I went to him and he was laying on the floor.

"I'm really tired." He said holding his stomach.

"Drink some water and then go lay down on the bed." I said, giving him water."I'll get you a garbage bag or something to puke in. I'll keep cleaning it for you." I said, helping him up. I followed him as he got into his hotel bed. I went to the kitchen and found an extra bag. I put it next to him and he smiled.

"Thank you. So much." His green eyes twinkled.

"Of course." I smiled and grabbed my bag.

"Wait." He said.

"Yeah?" I turned around.

"Leave your number somewhere so I can call if I need help" he smiled.

"Okay Curly." I laughed. I ripped a piece of a napkin and grabbed a pen. I wrote my number.

"It's next to the fridge." I said.

"Thanks." He smiled. "I'm Harry."

"I'm Lena." I smiled.

"Talk to you" he said and I waved and left.

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