God Forbid

The biggest threat of all is the threat you love.


3. Chapter Two

C h a p t e r   T w o

The beginning


Before our tale can officially begin, I would like to quickly assert something in your mind. 

Heaven does not exist in any shape or form. It just is. Heaven is not a spiritual, physical or corporeal place. Nor is it a place at all. It just is.

Think of infinity. Heaven is an infinity. It doesn't exist, yet it exists everywhere. Puny human minds cannot even entertain the thought, and yet, that is what I am asking you to do. So with this in mind, God is not a thing. God cannot be sensed with any of your five senses. Unfortunately, telling my story about creatures that don't exist in a place that isn't a place would be rather boring. So to ready this tale for low human intellect, I shall speak of it in your terms. 

Let us begin with the story you know.


Lucifer was God's favourite angel. Lucifer was the strongest, the most beautiful, the bravest angel that God had ever created. God thought that Lucifer was the perfect angel, and loved him. 

However, God soon turned his affections to another of his creations. Humans. God was entranced with their perfection, and doted on them like a father dotes on his children. He visited them in the garden of Eden, loved them, gave them perfection, brought them gifts. 

Lucifer became jealous. Envy obliterated all other thoughts from his mind, and his only goal was to procure God's love again. So he led a revolt in Heaven. A host of rebel angels joined him to fight and usurp God, but no entity can ever truly defeat Him. Incensed that one of His favourite creations had turned on Him, God cast Lucifer and his army from Heaven, to rule over the roiling fires of Hell for all eternity.

I was one of those angels, and I tell you now that everything you know about Lucifer's fall from Heaven is wrong.

Let me reveal to you the truth that has been concealed for millennia. Let me turn your little world upside down.

Lucifer was God's favourite angel. Lucifer was the strongest, the most beautiful, the bravest angel that God had ever created. God thought that Lucifer was the perfect angel, and loved him.

Lucifer loved him back.

It was not love that I can describe to you humans. It would be like trying to describe the beauty of a rainbow on a rainy morning to a blind man, or the perfection of a symphony to someone who is deaf. Like trying to explain why elation can be felt for no reason other than you exist, or trying to mark down on paper the peace of standing in the cocoon of the rain.

​Yes, I know what these things feel like, but that is another story.

Lucifer and God were in love. Love of the ancients. Love that the very smallest particles of existence envied and bowed down to.

So when God created humans- his perfect creation, his most wonderful creatures- Lucifer felt envy. And so Satan was born- a creature of envy, a puppet of jealousy of which God was the marionette. In a way, God is Satan, and Satan is God. One cannot exist without the other, as love cannot exist without hatred. A shadow cannot exist without the light to cast it. God was the light, and Satan was the shadow.

Satan gathered his army of envy and attacked God. Heaven was torn, and a rift was created between the two armies. Fire rained down from the sky as the war raged on, and the waters of the sea roiled with God's pain.

Here, we end the story.

God won the war. 

But in the end, He lost the battle. Every time you see two people in love hang their heads as they pass each other by, faces blank and hollow with misery, know that no one is to blame but love itself. Love is bitter and love is cruel. A flickering candle, on which the best way to not get burnt is to never touch it. Don't play with fire, the mothers will whisper into their child's velvety ear. Don't play with fire. Don't play with love.

Talking of playing, my tale is not yet complete. You may be wondering; weren't God and Lucifer in love? Why didn't God give him a second chance?

First of all, Lucifer is not a he and neither is God. Secondly, you would be correct, as much as it pains me to admit it. 

There is a reason that I am telling this tale. As a prince of Hell, Satan entrusted me with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and power corrupts. That knowledge?

God did give Lucifer a second chance. Through the infinity of Heaven, God judged Lucifer's love for him. You know, of course, that Lucifer was ultimately cast into Hell. He has told me of his fall; or the fire and the ice and the burning. So much burning. So you know that Lucifer's love did not outweigh his greed.

Let me tell you about Lucifer's judgment. Let me tell you the words that came straight from the mouth of Satan.

It is the best part of the story, after all.

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