Best wish (a 1D fanfic)

3 year old Alexa Janes didn't grow up normally. Her mom was a typical teen mom and her dad a lazy drunk.
She was raised by her grandmother Jenna and her adopted or half older sister Hope.
She found joy in music, all kinds. K-pop, j-pop and anything she heard.
One day there was a TRAGIC accident.... Read more to find out what happened


5. The day before my life changed

I started high school with a passion for music. The love of theater and just all the things that had to do with preforming

I attended music classss, drama lessons and I was lead violinist in our orchestra.

Allie and I still sang together but not with Maria. Maria got married right after Allie and I entered high school. Now she has a daughter named Sarah and a new baby boy named Zak on the way. And my sister Hope got married to Allie and Maria's 3rd brother Issaac and they had a little girl named Jessie, so it's just me living with my Nana.

"Hey Lex, did you hear One Directions new song?" Allie asked during ms. Harps math class.

"Uhm no. I haven't had time between learning our song for the talent show, homework and going to drivers Ed." I said kinda sad. "But can I hear it?" I asked as she popped an ear bud into my left ear.

"And we danced all night to the best song ever." I heard the boys sing. It was one of the better songs Allie had on her phone, which was nice.

"Hey Allie, are you free for something tonight and tomorrow&?" I looked at her after the song finished.

"Yeah sure what is it?" She smiled at me. Even though middle school was skip worthy her and I were still the same old girls from back then.

"Well uhm you see I have an audition with the X-factor." She jumped up and yelled "OH MY FUDGING GOSH YOURE GOING TO AUDITION FOR THE X-FACTOR?!" I was kinda shocked.

The whole classes looked back at us and I blushed a bright bright read.

"U-uhm hey..." I waved them off and went back to work.

Allie came over after school to help me pack. Hope was goning go pick me up to take me to Seattle.

"So what are you going to wear for this big audition?" Allie asked as she picked up my old faded jeans, my pink If you're cute I'm single shirt and my high tops.

"Actually what you have in your hands is my outfit." I looked at her and my Nana agreed with Allie and I on the outfit choice.

"Alexa, Allie, Hope is here!" My nana shouted from the living room. I grabbed my bag, with all my hair stuff in it, and so did Allie.

"Auntie lex!" My niece Jessie who just turned 3 yelled from my nanas arms.

"Hi Jess! Hey sis!" I smiled and hugged Hope. Out of all my siblings I only talk to Hope.

"You excited lil sis?" Hope asked and then she looked at Allie "my Alyssa you have grown! How's Maria and he family?"

"They are good, baby Zak will be born in 4 more months."

"That's great! I just found out I'm pregnant!" Both my nana and I screamed.

"Oh my goodness!! I hope you have a boy sis! " I smiled but then Hope reminded us we had to leave.

We all got into my sisters mini van and left.

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