Best wish (a 1D fanfic)

3 year old Alexa Janes didn't grow up normally. Her mom was a typical teen mom and her dad a lazy drunk.
She was raised by her grandmother Jenna and her adopted or half older sister Hope.
She found joy in music, all kinds. K-pop, j-pop and anything she heard.
One day there was a TRAGIC accident.... Read more to find out what happened


1. Before I was born

My momma used to tell me that her and daddy were once in love! So much love they couldn't handle it! But daddy had another family so when momma got pregnant with me, daddy went crazy and started to drink, and do drugs...

But on that faithful day I was born, May 10th, daddy looked at me like I was the worlds angel sent from God himself. They named me Alexa Heaven Janes.

My older sister Hope was happy to have me as her little sister. And that's where my long story starts...

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