Spells of Time and Space

harry potter/doctor who crossover
The Doctor comes to Hogwarts because he was sent a ditress signal saying that something bad and terrible hapoens on a specific date so he goes back in time weeks before it happens. there he meets someone who he thought he would never see again and who could destroy the whole universe but could save him. Read to see what happens to everyone at Hogwarts, to The Doctor, and the bad guys.


1. prologue

my name is Katherine Rose Holmes. My friends call me Kate but my dad used to call me Kate Rose. I am 15. I have a birthmark of a raven on the back of my left shoulder. My mom died in childbirth with me and my dad was in a horrible car crash that claimed his life when i was 7. Since then, my dads brother, Joe, has taken care of me. I have black magic. I have dark red hair that is down to the middle of my back with bangs the same length and dark green eyes but black when i am using my powers at an exterme level. I am 5'6". i am half wizard (dad) half demon (mom). i got my letter when i was 11. i met Harry Potter and we became friends with the Weasleys and Hermione Granger. I have this friend who is one year old than me and hangs out with fred and george and is named Ian Warlock. He has crazy untameable blonde hair and light blue eyes and is 6 foot tall. he is super smart like sherlock holmes.

I despite Draco Malfoy. last year i helped a convited death eater, a fellower of Lord Voldmort, escape and met a werewolf professor. I

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