Spells of Time and Space

harry potter/doctor who crossover
The Doctor comes to Hogwarts because he was sent a ditress signal saying that something bad and terrible hapoens on a specific date so he goes back in time weeks before it happens. there he meets someone who he thought he would never see again and who could destroy the whole universe but could save him. Read to see what happens to everyone at Hogwarts, to The Doctor, and the bad guys.


3. On the Train

We parked in front of the station with 5 minutes to get on the train before it leaves. I grab my stuff and hug my uncle goodbye. I climbed onto the train 4 minutes later and found Ron and Hermione on one side of the compartment and Harry asleep on the other. so I plopped down right beside Harry. "Hi, guys. how it going?" Hermione stare at me. "Hi." then she goes back to whatever she was reading before i came in. then i look at Ron and he is stuffing his face full of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. then i look at Harry and he is so peaceful i decide to give him the present later. i lay back and take a nap until we get there.

i see a guy talking rapidly, running around pulling levers, pushing buttons. he is wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, a brown trenchcoat, and black shoes. he has wise chocolate brown eyes and brown spiky hair with sideburns. then i see a girl sitting there on the couch off to the side. she is wearing jeans, running shoes, a purple short sleve shirt, has a khaki colored jacket on the couch next to her and has ginger hair, medium blue eyes, and she is talking as fast as he is. the guy keeps calling her Donna so i guess her name is Donna. she is yelling at him. "Doctor, where are we going?" "I recevited a ditress signal from Hogwarts about an attack that happens on a specific date so we are going there months before it happens so we can prevent it." Donna looks at Doctor like hes crazy which he probably is. just as she wad about to say that she wants to go somewhere else, the Tardis lunged to the right. "Doctor what the hell is going on?" he grinned as big as he can. " we are going to Hogwarts."

I woke up to hermione saying my name and shaking my shoudlers. "Kate Kate Kate!!! wake up. are you ok?" "what do you mean? im fine." I look around and i see Ian, Harry, Ron, Fred, George and Hermione all staring at me. " Why are yall all looking at me like that?" Ian sits down next to me, puts his hand on my shoulder and says," You were saying "dont come" in your sleep. so we were all concerned." I Stared at them all. "I'm fine. I promise." All the boys leave to go put on their robes and i am alone with hermione. she looks at me. "What, 'mione?" "Are you sure you are fine?" I hugged her and said that i am sure and not to worry. she and i grabbed our robes to go put them on before we get to Hogwarts but inside i was doubtful. what if there is something wrong with me? what is up with that nightmare i just had and who are those people? am i going crazy?

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