Spells of Time and Space

harry potter/doctor who crossover
The Doctor comes to Hogwarts because he was sent a ditress signal saying that something bad and terrible hapoens on a specific date so he goes back in time weeks before it happens. there he meets someone who he thought he would never see again and who could destroy the whole universe but could save him. Read to see what happens to everyone at Hogwarts, to The Doctor, and the bad guys.


2. Morning for Train Departure

"Kate, wake up." I heard Uncle Joe yelling and banging at my door. "It's past time to get dressed for Hogwarts. Train leaves at 11:00 and its already 10:00." I threw back the covers and it became freezing cold all of a sudden. I jumped up and ran out of my room, past my uncle and to the kitchen to turn up the temperature. Then I grabbed an apple and walked back toward my room to get dressed. "Sorry Uncle Joe about running quickly past you but it was freezing cold." "Thats ok. Just get dressed." "K." Forty minutes later, I come down the stairs wearing light blue fitting jeans, a black tank top and my converses carrying my trunk with my 3 month old pure black female kitten, Paige,trailing behind me. "Kate put your stuff in the car while I go get something from the attic." I grabbed my trunk and Paige and carried them outside to the car and climbed inside myself. After a few minutes, Uncle Joe walked outside carrying a box, locked the front door and climbed into the car. "Here take this." He handed me a box thats kinda light weight so i ask what is in it. He said," Something i think Harry will love." Then we take off toward King Cross Station which is 15 minutes away and the wall that doesnt let anyone past it to the train closes in 20 minutes so we have to hurry.

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