Lydia Casper:Dream Girl

Lydia Casper,the girl everyone adored,looked up to.She was perfect for everyone,but when she suddenly goes missing,do people think she did it for publicity or for attention...they don't know what actually happend.


3. Missing

~this chapter will be long~

Lydia's POV-


I wake up at 2 am,I couldn't sleep.I decided on a late night walk.

These streets are creepy when no one is on them,I hear a loud sound which sounded like a wheel?I turn around and a black van is following me.

I quickly look for somewhere to hide,just in case.

As I head to an alley a strong pair of arms rap around me"AHHHHHH"I scream,the person slaps me and puts some kind of cloth over me,the last thing I remembered was being put in the back of the van.


Somebody's POV-

We were all kidnapped,all meaning all five of us.

The door opens and a beautiful girl gets carried in,and placed on the hard floors.We all look at her,she had light brown hair and we'll I don't know what eye color.She starts to move,we all look at each other.


Lydia's POV-

Ow when did I fall asleep on the ground?Wait ground I remember I was taken!I open my eyes to see five very attractive males looking at me.So I screamed,and then they panicked and coverd my mouth."Hey we didn't take you we were also kidnapped-KIDNAPPED?",is this a joke.

I calmed down,"I'm sorry but I don't like it here""We know how you feel anyways what's your name?",one ask me."Lydia,what about your names?",they looked shocked."What?",I ask,"nothing it's just-you don't know who we are?",the curly one says."Nope,should I?",the then told me their names and that they were in a band named One Direction.

Never heard of them.We sit for a while and nothing happens,suddenly the door opens and I'm dragged out.

I was put in a room with spikes everywhere except for a little standing room."Stand",they tell me.

If I move,I'm dead.

Niall's POV(yes Niall)-

She was beautiful and I'm pretty sure we all liked her.

They just took her away"what do you think is happening to her?",I ask.

"not sure but they better not mess up her face",Harry said.

Of course,he likes her,know nobody can even try anything,unless she already has a boyfriend,as sad and disappointing that would be,I would also sorta be happy because then Harry could back off and she is gorgeous so it would be weird if she didn't have one.


~Later on that day~


The door opend and she came in,it didn't look like she was hurt.


"What happened?",I asked."They put  me in a room with spikes",we all gasped.

~skip an hour~

"want to play twenty questions?",Louis asked.She nodded.

Q:Favorite color?


Q:Brothers or Sisters?

A:1 Brother and 2 Sisters






A:The Fault In Our Stars

so twenty questions turned to 100 questions.

~I hope it was longer~

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