Lydia Casper:Dream Girl

Lydia Casper,the girl everyone adored,looked up to.She was perfect for everyone,but when she suddenly goes missing,do people think she did it for publicity or for attention...they don't know what actually happend.


6. authors note

I'm not sure if I am doing a good job at this.I haven't updated for a LONG time but that was because I took a vacation to the middle of the woods with NO wifi and my dad got some illness that was major and caused him needing an open heart surgery not only from that but other things to so then I was visiting him  and I thought about this and school starts in 3 almost 2 days in 12 minuets anyways so if I do weirdly have some people that enjoy this book and want more and also I have tried SO hard to make a movellas and this is the most successful One because I deleted my other,so If weirdly I have some fans please tell me also 100+ views this is a dream come true not kidding I'm so excited it only took like the whole summer so yay me!Anyways comment below if you think I should take this down give it away deleted it blah blah 


yours truly-mash potatoes 


know im a watch mean girls cuz it's been 82827362828828373737277272727 years sense I last saw it(thanks netflix)

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