Moon Chaser

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there, forever". ~Winnie the Pooh


1. Pilot

The storm raged with great fury over the village. Lightning flashed, thunder cracked like a gun, it was one if the worst storms The North Kingdom had received in decades.

But in the midst of the great storm, a prince was being born. Queen Ghani had been in labor for hours, for she fell terribly ill before her child's birth. The female servants were gathered around the Queen, King Japhi sat in the corner being fanned by a servant, he fainted,

"Breathe, your grace, you're almost there!" Queen Ghani gripped the servant's hand with such force, both women were crying out in pain.

"I see the head!" Called a young maid "a few more pushes your majesty!" After numerous attempts, the baby's cries echoed in the Queen's bedchambers.

"It's a boy." The nurse said. She carefully wrapped the child in a purple blanket and handed the newborn to the Queen. The Child was beautiful, dark skin, black hair and blue eyes. That was an extremely rare trait and for that the Queen was grateful.

"What will his name be, your grace." Asked one of the maids. Queen Ghani thought for a moment, with rare eyes he needed an exotic name.

"He will be called Laui Hugo Masho." She stated to no one in particular.

"Like the great mountain bird? How fitting, your majesty!" Ventured the same maid. He would be named after the legendary mountain bird that tells the future and past alike.

"He will be legendary." Queen Ghani whispered to her son.

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