Take on the World


2. Girl meets Truth (Part 1)

Riley's POV


BEEP BEEP! I woke up to the highly annoying beeping of my alarm clock. I sat up, already knowing that today I have to go to school, and have my Dad embarrass me in front of the entire 6th period History class. Same as every other week day in my life. I hopped out of my bed, went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I've had the same Justin Beiber tooth brush for, what? Three, maybe four years now because my dad doesn't want me to get older? Oh well. There's nothing I can really do to stop it.


After I was done brushing my teeth, the person that is me got in the shower. Before I went in, I turned on my bathroom radio and then jumped in to the steamy hot water.



I walked into the kitchen, remembering to say hi to my family and not full on ignoring them, as I wish badly I could do. "Hello family that I wish I could ignore.", I said. What? It's not like they don't know that already. "Well isn't some one in a bad mood?", Mom said to me, while serving me my share of the grey slop that she calls oatmeal. "Really? Who?", I said sarcastically.


It wasn't long before I heard Farkle's voice through the intercom by the door. "YO! LET ME IN!", Farkle's voice called over he small speaker. I ran to the door, excited by the fact that I didn't have to eat the lifeless mess that my Mom was about to make me eat. "ByeMomDadandAuggieseeyoulaterloveyoubye!", I said then quickly closed the door behind me. "Oatmeal, again?", Farkle asked. "How did you know?", I replied. "Because I'm your soulmate.",he answered. "Hey, where's Maya?", I asked. "Haven't seen her.", he said. She probably just over slept. I hope.


When we got to school, I walked to my first class which was math, unfortunately. But at least both me and Maya have this class. I walked in and looked around

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