Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


4. Three


"Scorpius is talking about you again," Mat sighed, I chuckled,

"Why does he even try?"

"Well this time it was sorta different," he mumbled, I raised an eyebrow,

"So, Al and I wanted to see what their Quidditch plan was-" he started but I cut him off.

"Idiot!" I punched,

"We don't cheat!" I added,

"Ow! Want to hear the story or not?" He asked,

"Fine, continue," I rolled my eyes playfully,

"We used the invisibility cloak. He was with Jeremy and Sparrow... Just them..."

"And?" I asked and he laughed because of my eagerness,

"He kinda called you pretty..." and my head was spinning, what? I didn't know what to do or say,

"Rose?" He snapped my thoughts.

"Whatever it's Malfoy, like I care," lie.


"What?!" Lex asked her twin,

"No way!" She laughed,

"Shut up," I mumbled trying to concentrate on my homework.

"Oh come on, you care a little," she accused,

" it's Malfoy,"

"Oh right, he's agonizing," she made a disgusting face and I laughed.

"You're so beautiful sis," Mat sarcastically teased. Suddenly Hugo's owl, Walmeg flew and I looked at Hugo who was a few students away from me and he shrugged, he got up and sat next to me,

"What did we get?" I asked and he patted Walmeg,

"Mum and dad probably, right, this one's yours," he passed me an envelope with 'Rose Weasley' on it written by my mom's neat and cursive handwriting,

"Dad wrote me a letter too, telling me how much he loves me," Al rolled his eyes, I opened the letter and it reveled a neat written letter:

To my Rose,

Hi honey!

Your dad and I miss you loads! We just wanted to see how you were settling in and how your school is so far, it's only the second week anyways. Sorry this letter's short, got to do loads of work for the ministry. Dad sends love as well,

With love,

Mum. X

Ps. Keep an eye out for Hugo, make sure he's not causing trouble like your dad used to do! I love you always.

I put the letter in my bag and then looked to see Hugo left,

"Where's Lily?" I asked,

"Haven't seen her in a while," I added,

"I don't know, Scar says she's been skipping classes," Mat said,

"Don't believe everything Scarlett tells you," Lexa said in a 'duh' tone. Lex, Al, Mat and I decided to go outside,

"Hogwarts has the best garden, I pity Muggles who has to go to normal, boring school," Al stated, we all agreed,

"Hey cous, Malfoy was talking about you," James, out of no where, sneered.

"He says 'she's a pain in the bum but she's really pretty, I don't know why I'm realizing this now. You two have to shut your mouth or I'll kill you.' The last part sounds like him," James laughed,

"Sounds like somebody's got a new admirer," Al teased,

"The whole Gryffindor lads are in la la land thinking about her already!" Mat subjected, I groaned,

"That's unlikely."

"Not to burst your bubble but it's true,"Lex supported.

"Lexa! You're in my side, don't go to the dark side!" I faked cry and we all laughed, James disappeared.

Why was Malfoy calling me pretty? What does 'I don't know why I'm realizing this now' meant?

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