Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


7. Six

(Slytherin Party of the Year)

Rose's POV:

Dear Rosie,

Dad would definitely not approve of going to a Slytherin party. Wear something simple but classy, I remember going to the Yule Ball, I wore something simple but nice, dad admitted that he couldn't keep his eyes off of me, I wore a purple dress. Don't drink do you understand me, young lady? Oh I hope they don't serve wizard alcohol, if they do, don't you dare drink some or I'll send a loud Howler that you won't appreciate.

With love,

Mum. xoxoxo

Great. I didn't know what to wear, I didn't have a purple dress either,

"LEX!" I yelled and she went in, her hairs curled and makeup on, she wore a robe.

"Yes?" She asked,

"What should I wear?" I sighed,

"Oh my god! Wear this!" She squealed and gave me a black dress that reached above my knees, it was sort of puffed and it looked like a prom dress, which I did my what to wear, but Lexa described this party as a funner prom since it's not supervised, I tried it on with the heels she gave me, which is uncomfortable to walk in.

"Where is the party?" I asked,

"It's in the castle," she simply said,

"What?! How about the teachers?" My eyes widened,

"I told you. They don't care because 1 it's Saturday, 2 we have it once a year and they're used to it and 3 no alcohol, duh," she laughed,

"What does your dad say about it?" I asked,

"He's sort of chill with it, mum loves the idea though," she babbled,

"Is Al going?" I asked,

"Yes and oh my god I can't believe you're going with Slytherin's head boy who by the way is in Year 7, oh my, Ashton is so hot," she dazed,

"He asked me and I just simply said yes," I laughed,

"Have fun, it's once a year, once a year where you can party and not care what time you have to head to bed. Oh darn! We have Hogsmeade tomorrow!" She slumped.

I changed to my outfit and curled my hair a little, I didn't use a lot of makeup, unlike Lexa.

"Let's go," she whispered and we stumped down to the common room, all the Gryffindors were staring at us, the guy's jaw dropped, I turned scarlet.

"Wow, Rose you look, wow," Mat awed, I tried my hardest not to blush, a lot of Gryffindors decided to go, I noticed everyone dressy and handsome, I walked with Lexa, who was wearing a red minidress with spaghetti straps, she had red lips and eyeliner, mascara and stuff which I didn't use. I wore the black puffy ish dress with a pale pink lip gloss and mascara. Lily was beautiful, her ginger hair matched her purple dress, she too didn't wear loads of makeup since she's an 4th year. I spotted Ashton looking lovely, he has blue eyes and near brown hair that he quiffs, he wore a nice suite that was black and white, he looked at me and smiled brightly.

Scorpius's POV:

I walked down from the common room wearing my suit, it was black, white and green, I hated this party since it was basically prom and prom is way too mainstream. Also, this party is 3 months after school start so it's kinda weird. I wasn't going to attend when I noticed James Potter telling everyone that Rose was going with a Slytherin date, I got annoyed and wanted to see who her date is.

Rose Weasley showed up, she looked absolutely stunning, her hair was curled, her dress fit her like it was made for her, she looked beautiful, I noticed her going to Ashton, why him?

"You look lovely," I heard Ashton say kissing her cheek, I stormed off inside the room and sat in a corner.

Rose's POV:

"You look lovely," Ashton, like a gentleman said, he kissed my cheek making me blush, he had his hand out so he could take me inside, I'm really hoping it wasn't a wrecking party or those disco-y parties.

- one hour later -

"You're a great dancer!" Ashton yelled over the loud music, I laughed and thanked him,

"I'm glad I asked you!" He gushed,

"I'm glad I said yes!" I replied, he twirled me and kissed my cheeks again.

"I'll get some drinks!" He shouted and I nodded as he left, I noticed a very sad Malfoy sitting in the corner, the good person I am, I walked up to him, I sat next to him,

"Are you okay?" I sweetly asked,

"Just get away from me!" He yelled, I looked down and got up, right, he's still the same arse he was since the moment I met him.

Scorpius's POV:

As soon as I said that, I completely regretted it, I didn't have a chance to apologize since she left and didn't look back, I slumped down my chair and watched as Ashton made her smile, as he grabbed her closer to him as the song changed, her smile lit up the whole room, and I didn't make that smile.

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