Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


2. One


"Mum when's Lily going to be here?" I asked looking at the clock,

"Ronald when did Harry and Ginny say they were coming?" She called out,

"Soon!" He answered,

"Always a great help, your dad," mum joked.

"Oh Rose, you're so grown up now, you're going to Year 6, oh my," she said tearing up a little as she hugged me.

"Yeah, mum, you can, let go," I said because her hug was too tight and the bell rang, my mum walked over and I heard uncle Harry and aunt Ginny's voice, I ran to the door and saw Lily, Albus and James. James is graduating after this school year, he's in Year 7.

"Hello Rose," James smirked and I ignored him,

"Hey Lil," I said as we both headed to my room.

My room is pastel blue with a white queen size bed in the middle. My ceiling has stars attached that lights up at night, my room's furniture is basically white. On my bed side table I have a picture of Lily, Al and I together in our Gryffindor uniform.


"Mum is it true that you and Scorpius's dad used to hate each other?" Hugo asked, mum looked taken back,

"Well we didn't hate each other," she said,

"Really?" Dad asked eating his 5th chicken leg, mum gave him the death stare.

"Uncle Harry, is it true you defeated the dark lord?" I asked eating mum's famous salad,

"Yes but your parents fought hard in that battle," he replied,

"Dad was a hero?" Lily asked,

"The most heroic hero," Aunt Ginny grinned.

"So Rosie, how's Hogwarts for you?" Aunt Ginny asked and I nodded,

"Good," I said,

"Just good?! Merlin's beard I'm so proud or her! Top grades in the class and beats Scorpius! She's even seeker!" Dad exclaimed, we all looked at him strangely,

"So how's the ministry going, Hermione?" Uncle Harry asked,

"It's doing great, Kingsley's doing a great job." Mum answered,

"So how's Mat?" James teased and I turned scarlet.

"Shut up James!" Lily nudged his elbow.

"Mat? Mat Longbottom?" Dad raised his eyebrow,

"We're only friends," I look furiously at James.

"Good, just friends. No boyfriends just yet," Dad sighed,

"Dad I'm 16." I protested.


"Time for bed!" My mum shouted so the whole house can hear,

"Tomorrow we have to go to King's Cross," she smiled at Hugo and I. I went to my bathroom which was joint to my bedroom and brushed my teeth, I brushed my dark brown hair and put it in a bun, I washed my face and changed to my Hogwarts sweatshirt and cotton shorts before hopping into bed.

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