Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


6. five


"Rosie," James asked during Quidditch practice,

"What do you want James?" I asked,

"Did Malfoy ask you already?"

"No, what? Malfoy and I hate each other and I don't see a valid reason for going to a party with him," I hissed,

"Just asking," he put his hand out defensively,

"Yeah, yeah" I sighed. After Quidditch practice Lex bursted in the Gryffindor common room with an huge grin planted on her face,

"WE GOT INVITED!" She yelled making everyone stare at her,

"Invited to?" I asked and she playfully rolled her eyes,

"The Slytherin's party you idiot," she laughed,

"Oh, right," I smiled, I continued to read The Fault in Our Stars, it's a Muggle book.

"What? You aren't excited? It's a huge, and amazing party," she sat next to me,

"Lex I don't party and even if I did it's Slytherin, I doubt anyone from Gryffindor other than James, Mat and yourself will be going," I chuckled,

"Loosen up, Rose," she forcefully said and I shrugged.

"Thank god for our free periods huh?" I laughed and then it was lunch time.


"Hey Mat, are you going to Slytherin's party?" I asked,

"Yup, got Tammy to ask me," he smirked, a little part of me sank,

"Oh..." I pursed my lips and looked at Tamara Anderson, daughter of Tom Anderson and Pansy Parkinson, typical snob, she's in Slytherin and she looks vicious 24/7. She has white fluffy hair that she twirls trying to get Scorpius to notice her (which is failing) she uses her face like a coloring book and uses her Hogwarts uniform badly.

"I thought Malfoy would've asked," I asked,

"Well she probably took him to try to get him jealous, rumors say he had a date, or will have a date," Al budded in, Mat got mad at Al and Lex and I chuckled at his red face.

Al, Mat, Lily and I walked around since we had a free period,

"Look," Lily whispered, I looked up to see green eyes, his eyes so bright, he was about a meter infront of me, both of us stood still staring at each other, I looked away and he did too after a while,

"Malfoy," Lily unpleasantly said,

"Potter, Weasley and Longbottom," he stumbled,

"Oh hey Matty," I heard Tammy's voice, she looked at Malfoy hoping he'll envy Mat but he didn't so she pushed harder,

"Malfoy are you going to the party?" She asked clinging onto Mat planting a kiss on his cheek making him blush,

"Oh um yeah, I don't have a date yet," he mumbled then looked at me for a second before turning away instantly,

"Oh I'm sorry if you asked me sooner-," but he cut her off,

"I was never going to ask you," Tammy stormed off with Mat by her side, he looked back and shrugged.

"I'm sorry Rose, Mat is an idiot," Al comforted, he both had forgotten Malfoy's company,

"Y-you like Longbottom?" He tried sounding confident,

"None of your business," I mumbled walking away.

Scorpius's POV:

"I'm sorry Rose, Mat is an idiot," Potter said to her, probably forgetting I was a meter away from them, my heart sank,

"Y-you like Longbottom?" I tried to sneered,

"None of your business," she mumbled, she stormed off with her head down, I never actually noticed this but Rose Weasley is beautiful. Albus Potter followed her leaving me alone with my thoughts, why didn't I ask her? She probably has a date, a hot Slytherin date, I guess it was for the best since we aren't exactly friends. She despises me, and I try and despise her.

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