I was sold...(A Cameron Dallas Fan Fiction)

This story is about a 16 year old girl called Katisha, she lived with her father who didn’t care about her at all and was a drug and alcohol addict. He had gone broke and had no money what so ever and was in no shape to get a job so he decided to sell his daughter. Katrina didn’t know of this when he was advertising her. She would become a slave to whoever brought her. The only question was who’s the buyer?


3. A New Life

I start to cry as loud as I ever could when the door opens, it was Cameron.

I smiled and ran up to him,

“Oh my god thank you so much!” I sobbed onto his shoulder

“for what?” Cameron asked

“For saving me from my dad and wasting your money on me”

He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight.

“You shouldn’t be treated like that”

“How much did you waste?” i asked snuggling into the crook of his neck

“Three thousand” he shrugged it off like nothing was wrong with it

i looked up at him with widen eyes and mouth “What! Three thousand!”

He nodded “You’re worth it”

I started to cry, I love him so much, I can’t believe he would do that for me!

I separated from our warm embrace and wipe away my tears and smile like no tomorrow.

“Go get ready” he said with a smirk on his face

“Get ready for what??”

“We are going out with the boys. But only if you want to. Do you?”

“Yes please, I need to get some clothes and stuff, let me get my purse”

I was about to walk when a thought hit me, I stopped and turned around

“I don’t have it do i?” I asked him

He smirked “You didn’t bring anything. IM buying you a whole new wadrobe”

I shook my head “Ahhh, nope.” I smiled

“Well……I do kinda own you, but no I don’t you’re a free girl. So you cannot get out of this you have a limit of $2000” he smiles

My mouth literally fell to the floor


“Yes you are” he laughed and before I could even argue he lifted me on to his shoulder and walked me outside and to the car where he gently placed me on the passenger seat. I turned around to see all the boys with smiles on their faces ‘nawwwww’ing the situation. My instant reaction was to smirk and hide my blushing face.

This just made them ‘Nawwww’ even more.

“Hey, shy girl” Nash said, I'm the complete opposite

I turned around “you don’t know me clearly then” I smirked and looked out the front window and put my seatbelt on.

“And feisty….i like it” matt added on

“It?” I questioned

He was trying to speak but choked

“I'm joking. I'm Katisha by the way” I smiled


We arrived at the mall and we walked in, I was really excited but I also felt guilty at the same time I walked up to Cameron and tugged his arm

“I seriously cannot use your money like that!”

He laughed “well you’re going to Hun, here’s the card. The code is 9015”

His smile was so heart warming

We walked over to a table and discussed the plans, Mahogany Lox came up to me.

“Hey!!! I'm Mahogany, let’s leave the boys and go girl shopping”

“Hey, I'm Katisha and sure one second” I smiled I walked over to Cameron and told him                                      

“ok hun” he kissed my temple ”have fun!” I ran up to Mahogany “LETS DO THIS”

I yelled as we ran through the shopping centre



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