Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.



Hello everyone! Just want to say a few things.

Thanks for reading my books. I really appricate it a lot.

Go read dark. It's a awesome zayn Malik fanfic. It's Georgia russle so o fan her.

Also go fan nialls-kit-Kat. I love her book Emily, and broken. I love them.

Anna's pov.

It's been two weeks since I got here. The research on my dad has gotten great. I still haven't seen him. I jut know that he has a bigger house, two kids, no wife, and he manages Starbucks. Isn't that awesome?! His kids have the best names ever. They're twins, shadow,(girl)and arron(boy) Iv seen pics on the internet there both 7yr. As for the boys,

We have been really close. My three besties are Niall, calum,Louis. The others I am close with too. But I hang out with Niall and Louis and calum more then the others. Me and faith have lost contact because I got a new phone and lots my contacts. I really miss them. Oh yea, the boys go on tour in 2 weeks. As for tonight, are the music awards, I got asked to be, zayn, Harry, Louis, luke,and Austin Malones date to the awards. I said no to all of them. I'm going alone.

It's later now and I have to baby sit lux.

"Anna, since your not going with the boys you have to watch lux tonight. The nanny canceled but there will be others. Mon say hi to the his while there here please?" I wasn't mad. Cause it's a good time to go to my dad's with lux. I nod and walk down stairs only to hear the doorbell.

"Really no one?" I smirk and open the door. My smile drops as the only person I hate in the world is here.

"Clara!" Why does Harry know here? Why is she here?

"Lost words? Ah I can't blame you, you always stuttered in school." She scowls me.

"Wtf are you doing here? Leave my fucking house before I break your slutty face." That certainly got m attention. She steps inside but I block her view.

"Wow. Still be the slut you are huh? Where's Shane? Oh yea back in the states away from you." She mocks me

"Listen you bitch, you can't control me anymore. Why are you here. I left us to get away from you. You have the nerv to call me a slut when you were with 3 guys and went off sucking my bra face off. An to send me a text saying your with him "having fun"" I quote. I clench my fist and my mom wit the boys show up. My mom knows everything she has done.

"Listen. Go back to slitting around with your father. Oh wait he's gone cause he was embarrassed that your his daughter." That it. I swing my fist but in time Niall pulls me back.

"Leave my house and never come back." If words can kill she'd be dead.

"No. I'm going to the award show with my boyfriend. Go back to playin with dolls." She looks at Harry. She is dating Harry. Now he is me m favorite. I burn holes threw Harry with my eyes. Still in nialls arms my mom steps in.

"Let's leave shall we? With out any bruises or blood stains." My mom and aunt cherry step in. I break from nialls arms. And smack her in the face. My mom gasp. "You said nothing about slap marks. Been wanting to do that since 5th grade. Have a goodnight. Harry, she will be expecting babies." I walk to the room and push them all out the door.

I dress lux and myself and charge my phone. I'm going to find dad. "Wanna go see dad's?" She giggles and I get the car keys. I hope Louis don't care I'm using his car. Eh. I'll text him.


:can I use your car?


:sure. Don scratch it

I hook lux in her car seat and on my way.

After an hour of driving we pull up to this giant house. I pull lux out and knock on the door. But I pull my self out. What if he doesn't want me anymore? I mean he left, he has two kids. I have to find out. I need answers. I knock on the door with lux on my hip. And wait. I hear little footsteps. Must be his kids. A little boy answers

"Who are you? Another one of my dad's girlfriends?" I was shocked. Yup he was like my dad alright. Even though he is adopted.

"Um no. You must be Arron? Is mr.krauss home?" He nods and let us in. I here talking

I let lux down and the child takes us to this man. Yes that's my dad. He hasn't changed a bit. He was talking to this little girl. She has taken my place as the daddy's girl. Oh how I wish I can have that spot again.

"Dad a lady is here with a baby. Is she your gf?" Oh wow. I'm old. He stops talking to the little girl will he recognize me?

"Dad." Was all came out of my mouth. He looks at me and I let a tear fall.

"Anna? Oh my god it's you!" He pulls me into a deep hug.

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