Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.



Anna's pov.

I walk down stairs and there's 9 boys. Great.

Wait. I know them. 1d and 5sos. I still don't want to go on tour.

"I'm Anna. This is lux." I greet them all and I now know all there names. There zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, luke, Micheal, calum, Ashton.

"Dinner not done so hang here?" My mom. Trying to play cool. Ha. We all nod in agreement.

Breaking the silence, my phone. Whoops.


: look from that night was not what is was. Okay? She just one and you can't be like this is thought you were different. But Clara's looking like the better person in this..-

"Bullshit." I mumble. But they were taken back so I guess they heard.

"Sorry.lux go play with bear-bear?" She wobbles over to her bear. Wait. My dad lives in London. Yes! I jump up and grab my coat.

"Does someone know where to get a phone book? And I am missing dinner so could some one tell my mom?"

"Why are you missing dinner? And in town maybe?"blondie says.

"Thanks." I write a note for my mom and tape it to lux.


Went threw town, to do research. Missed dinner sorry.-Anna K.

"Nice meeting you!"

Luke's pov.

Why did she have to leave? It was fu with her here. Now were all in a awkward convo with her mom and aunt. She seemed fun. She's pretty too. But I'm not the only one thinking that by the tells of the others. We were talking about something with orange? Or what ever her fruit name is, untill the door busted open and finally Anna's back. With about three books In her hands.

"Sorry I missed dinner. Something.......for. History?" She was obviously lyin but ignored us and ran upstairs.

"Where's your bathroom?" I ask.

"Upstairs first door to the right." I hope up and try to find Anna's room.

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You decide. Do you think she will go on tour? Find her dad? Have a romance with one of the 9 boys? )

Anna's pov.

I was going threw each book I had brought and skyped faith and Matt at the same time. I told them about Shane and they agree bs. I told them I wanted to find my dad and who was over and faith freaked.

"Can I live with you?"

"Haha I would love that! I'll ask when I can, but we don't she your for another month of corse. But I wanna find him. What if he still wants me?"

"Don't get your hopes-"

"FOUND IT!!!!!" I found my dad's name. George f krauss, phone **********, address ****,****dr.

I hung up on them but before I called I got Interupted.

"That's why you left? I clearly doubt you'll find him in London. How do you know for sure?" I grabbed the book marked the sheet and showed him.

"Need some friends to go find him?" I had to think about it. I barley know him. I nod.

"Who we bringing? Not all nine."

"Harry and Louis are good runners. But Louis can't keep quiet. So no Louis, zayn is quiet and fast so yes. Um Michael is good. And we can use my car. So it's me you Michael zayn and Harry. I'll tell them the plan and we'll leave tonight and ask if you can hang at our place. Pack a bag." I thanked him and packed my stuff. I packed black stuff mostly. Of to find my dad. With others.

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