Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.



So that's how it started, ever since then, we have been texting none stop off and on. Then we went to Starbucks and my cup had on it'prom?' I told him wS and now I'm in my salmon colored short dress with sparkles on the top. It's strapless. And adorable.

"Wissy, wissy! The gui is her" little Lux my baby sis said runnin to my room. (Baby talk)

Oh no, my mom will beat me there. I grab my phone and run as fast as I could. But before I knew it, I tripped down the stairs. M mom helped me up and whispered in my ear. "What a great entrance that is." I giggle and meet him at the door. Before I can turn out the door my mom stops me.

"Pictures!" Ugh.

We get to the prom and the lights were flashing, drunk kids crashing, and high teachers sniffing each other In the bathrooms. I bet you get the point of how horrible my school is. I hope so. I'll be away from school for a few months because me ,my mom, and baby lux are going on your with theses people cause she is there stylist. We leave in two days. So I will be leaving behind, faith, Matt, des, Linda, Mary, and Shane. I will tell him tonight though.

We all did the dances and now were announcing kings and queens. "Okay, every one settle down. The king of this years prom 2014 is......."

"Shane gespy!" Every one here cheered and I hugged him and let him up to the stage. Two girls obviously checking him out while putting the crown on both gave me dirt ass looks. Please keep them to yourself before I smack them off you.

"Whoops." Someone said before bumping into me. Ugh, news flash, you said it after you do it. Uh duh! Perfect. The world is full of people to bump into, and I bump into Clara. And her possy. Please bitch, go fuck yourself.

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