Love Story

Zayn and Perrie are BoyFriend and Girlfriend. But what happens when Selena Gomez falls in Love with Zayn Malik?

Will Selena try to take away Zayn from Perrie? Will Zayn stay with Perrie? Will Zayn fall in love is Selena? Will Perrie try to make sure that Selena doesn't ruin their Relationship? Will Perrie and Selena be fighting to win Zayn?

#1 BIG QUESTION . Will Zayn already know on who he wants?

Questions will he answer in the Love Story... Read On To Find Out More-Alison


2. Shopping/Selena *Part2*

Zayn's POV

Perrie and I went ship to shop until we bumped into... One of Perrie's friends, I have to say she is hot. What am I saying that's Perrie's friend I can't like her I am dating Perrie.

"Hey Selena" said Perrie

"Hi Perrie"said Selena

"This is my boyfriend Zayn"

"Hi" I said

"Hey"said Selena

Selena's POV

When I meet Zayn I feel in love really fast but I can't he is my Friends BoyFriend but I have to I will do anything to make him mine. Even if it means to break them up or even if it means that my friendship with her will end. I don't care I will do anything I make him like me.

"Why don't both of you guys come to my birthday party"

"Sure why not"said Perrie

"Perfect can't wait to see you guys their, and it hope that h will be their to Zayn"

I walked away

Zayn's POV

WHAT I CANT GO TO THE PARTY!! What happens if I fall more in live with her. Ugh I hate it why does their have to be Hot girls. I guess I will have to survive with it.

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