Love Story

Zayn and Perrie are BoyFriend and Girlfriend. But what happens when Selena Gomez falls in Love with Zayn Malik?

Will Selena try to take away Zayn from Perrie? Will Zayn stay with Perrie? Will Zayn fall in love is Selena? Will Perrie try to make sure that Selena doesn't ruin their Relationship? Will Perrie and Selena be fighting to win Zayn?

#1 BIG QUESTION . Will Zayn already know on who he wants?

Questions will he answer in the Love Story... Read On To Find Out More-Alison


3. Party/Kisses*Part1*

Zayn's POV

I got dressed,brushed my teeth,& comb my hair. I went downstairs where the boys were.

"Good Morning Lad" said Louis

"Hey Louis"

"Do u want some breakfast" asked Niall


Niall have me a plate with Eggs,Sausage,Hash-brown,& Pancakes. I sat down to watch TV.

"Are you guys gonna come to Perrie's Friend Birthday Party"

"Yea" Said Harry Liam Louis &Niall


"Is Perrie gonna bring Jesy Leigh-Anne and Jade"said Harry


"Ok"said Harry

"We should go get ready"said Liam

"Yea"said Niall

We all walked upstairs to get ready for Selena's Birthday Party.

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