Upside down

Hi there I'm Molli. I'm from watertown,SD and I live on a small ranch. Everything is all perfect until it all goes upside down when 3 boys come. This isn't a 1D fanfic but it will do.


1. The Beginning

Hello! I'm Molli Lundgaard and this my story...

When I was five years old ,my Mom became sick with my sister. My Dad and I spent a lot of time in the hospital with her. The doctor told my Dad that my mom wasn't gonna make it and the baby wouldn't either. My Dad cried and so did I. I walked into the room and say by my mother. She looked at me as a tear ran down her cheek and said her last words to me. She said "One day you'll make a difference in the world. Promise me that you'll make a difference. I love you baby girl." She kissed my forehead and closed her eyes. That's when I knew she was gone.

Three months after that we moved to a old ranch and my dad worked. That's when I knew everything was gonna change....

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