May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep.


1. Prologue

There once was a small town named Rockers Grove, it no longer exists. The only person who remembered what happened on June 17th is me. It was never brought up on the news, it was hidden, so people didn't have to worry about what was really happening in this world. The government decided to dump nuclear waste into the water which created Zombies as we call them.. The day started out so normal until everything turned to complete shit. People started missing from the town, and dead bodies were found and coming back to life which was, everyone began to act werid in town, but it didn't exculate until a eighteen year old was found eating his father on a main road... Well before I get into anymore detail..... If I didn't introduce myself already.... my name is Teddy and this is the real story about what happened to my town.

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