The New Girl {The Ninja Way}

(Naruto fanfic) Maria is the new girl at the Ninja Academy. After the fire in the forest, she goes to live with her new best friend, Shikamaru Nara, and they decide to find her last name. But during the Chunin Exams, she discovers she has a power that nobody would have considered possible. [Sorry if the character personalities aren't right... I'm still working on getting my ideas onto paper. Well, in this case onto screens.]


6. Throwing Needles

A/N: Hi, I'm not dead guys! So this is gonna have another major time skip. I have no clue what happens in between, soooooooo I'm gonna skip to our favourite part: The Chunin Exams!!! *dramatic music*

So, enjoy! Please excuse me if some characters are OOC. =_= I'm trying my best, I really am...

But anyways, peace out!


"You did what, Asuma-sensei?" Maria demanded.

Asuma grinned, a cigarette in his mouth. "I recommended you for the Chunin Exams." He repeated.

"We've only been Genin for a few months," Choji said nervously, "I'm not sure..."

"Well, I'm in." Ino pumped her hand in the air. "I'll get a chance to show Sasuke how good I am!"

Maria rolled her eyes. "Fangirl." She muttered. Then she said louder, "I'm in."

"I guess so," Shikamaru said in a bored voice.

Choji was still uncertain.

"Come on, Choji," Shikamaru smiled, "if Asuma-sensei thinks you can do it, then you should have a go."

"You can do it." Maria encouraged.

"Absolutely!" Ino agreed.

"Okay, then." Choji finally agreed.

"Good!" Asuma smiled. He handed out some sheets of paper to the four of them. They took them and read.

Maria glanced down at hers. her name, age, gender, village and a few other things were needed to complete the form for the Chunin Exams. She smiled. This is gonna be awesome, she thought too herself.


Maria walked to her usual training space. She spotted Kaze sitting in a tree and waved. Kaze looked up from her book and waved back, grinning. Kaze jumped down from her branch and walked over.

"How's it?" Kaze said it greeting.

"Awesome." Maria replied. "Asuma-sensei recommended us for the Chunin Exams!"

Kaze's eyes lit up. "Awesome!" she agreed. "Kakashi recommended us, too!"

"Really?" Kaze nodded. Maria smiled. "That's great!"

"I know!" Kaze fist-pumped into the air. Bringing her hand back down to her side and resting it on the hilt of the katana at her waist, she said, "So. Wanna get training?" Maria nodded and her hands went to the pouches on her newly-attained belt.

"You two going again?" Kakashi's voice came from behind Kaze. Maria, who hadn't noticed him at all, jumped.

"Yep." Kaze nodded and grinned. "She's been practising." She made the Seal of Confrontation with her right hand, holding two fingers in front of her face. Maria did the same.

"If you're ready," Kakashi began, moving to stand side-on to the two girls, "you may begin!"

Maria moved instantly. Flicking open her pouches and pulling out her specialty, throwing needles, and holding then in the gaps between her fingers. She threw them with perfect accuracy and immense speed at Kaze. Kaze also moved, unsheathing her katana in half a second and holding it up in front of her face. She jumped and weaved, dodging between the needles, deflecting the ones that reached her with her blade. Maria pulled out a kunai and ran at her. Kaze landed and brought up her sword to meet Maria's kunai.

They clashed, the sound of metal meeting metal echoed through the grounds. Kakashi carefully watched the two spar, studying their every move.

Maria jumped up and came at Kaze's head, flipping as Kaze deflected the blow with her sword and landing behind her. Maria turned and stabbed at Kaze with her kunai. Kaze, however, moved to the side and grabbed Maria's arm, twisting it behind her back and brining her katana to Maria's neck.

Time stood still. Maria was frozen, Kaze was smirking.

"Stop right there!" Kakashi said, walking up to the two girls. "The winner of today's match is Kaze. Kaze, put your sword away before you hurt somebody."

Kaze grinned and pulled her sword away from Maria, sheathing it with ease, despite the size of the blade. She held out her hand, making the Seal of Reconciliation with her fingers. Maria rubbed her neck and returned the seal, smiling.

"Good work, you two." Kakashi said. "Now, if you'll excuse me..." his hand went to the bulging pouch on the back of his belt and pulled out a small book. He flicked through it eagerly and began to walk away.

Maria glanced at Kaze. Kaze's eyes were narrowed and her hands were balled into fists. Before Maria could do so much as move, Kaze had gotten behind Kakashi and punched him on the top of his head.

"Ow ow ow ow ow..." Kakashi groaned, rubbing where Kaze had hit. "You really put some effort into that one..."

"And I will until I finally get a chance to tear them up!" Kaze shot back, snatching the book out of his hand.

"Hey!" Kakashi grabbed for the book, but Kaze held it out of his reach. "Give that back!"

"Nup." Kaze held it above her head and began to walk away, moving it out of Kakashi's reach whenever he tried to get it.

"Come on!"



"Not gonna happen."

Maria laughed quietly, and began walking after the quarrelling siblings.


A week later, Maria met up with Shikamaru, Choji and Ino. They were about to leave for the Chunin Exams, "in room 301 in the main building," as it said on the information sheet.

"Let's do this!" Ino cried eagerly. Choji nodded, Maria smiled and agreed, and Shikamaru muttered: "What a drag."

So, they headed off to room 301, which was at the end of a long hall with iron doors. When they reached the door, they stood there for a few seconds. Maria took a deep breath and opened the door.

On the other side of the door was a mass of other Genin that glared as the group of four entered.

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