Change for Her

Harry Styles was the 'bad boy' in the college. He sleeps with all the girls in school, ditches classes, smokes, parties hard, drinks way to much. That is until Felicity comes into his life. Felicity is the one who studies hard, shows up on time all the time, never parties, has had a few boyfriends, and has never smoked or drinks alcohol.

That is until Harry tries to make Felicity fall for him. Will he end up falling for her? Or will they fall apart? Read "Change for Her"!

Sorry for the horrible blurb! The story is much better!


7. Dreams that turn into Nightmares



*Felicity's POV*

It's Friday night and I haven't received one text message. Not one phone call, and not one email from this Harry guy! He hasn't even been seen around the campus since Monday! It gets me pissed off when people say they will "call you" but they don't. Well, then why did he steal my phone number and force me to go on a date? Whatever. Why should I care?

But deep down I thought I could feel a little disappointment. I pushed the feeling down and changed into my Minne Mouse pjs and got ready for bed. After brushing my teeth and washing my face I got into bed. I turned out my light and fell asleep hoping for a little bit of peace for once.


I was in a field of wild flowers as far as the eye could see. The sun shine was warm on my back. I was wearing a short white dress (that was a little tight around my stomach)the straps tied around my neck and I wasn't wearing any shoes. My hair was in its natural hair color,brown. As I was looking around I saw a person having a picnic waving at..... Ashton?

As I looked closer I almost fainted. It was him. My world. My other piece. My Ashton. "Babe, come help me finish this picnic. I need to spend some time with you! I haven't seen you in such a long time! Come on!" He shouted. "I missed you so much Ashton!" I yelled back as I started running toward him.

He started running to me too. We were only a few feet away from each other. Just as I almost had him in my arms, he was consumed in fire then disappeared. The sky was red and cloudy, the field of wild flower was burnt and dead, and it was getting hotter and hotter with each passing moment. My dress started tightening till I thought I was going to pop!

Ash started to fall from the sky. And what was before me was terrifying. A huge wave that was at least 7ft tall and made out of fire was coming for me faster and faster. I tried to run but the air was like a poisonous gas and my dress was so tight I couldn't move. A voice was in my head saying "Run! Run! Don't look back! Keep moving forward!" As all this was happening the sound of drums kept beating louder and louder!

Then the wave of fire was just above me when........

~ Dream Over~

I woke crying and in a puddle of sweat. It was thundering and lightning out side my window and pouring rain. I reached for my phone only to find that is wasn't there. I started freaking out. I got up and screamed. I started tearing everything apart trying to find it. As I kept looking I got more upset. I started tearing pictures down from the wall and breaking the frames.

I pushed tables and chairs out of my way. I thew expense fragile things not caring if I broke them or not. As I was having a meltdown, I saw my phone on the kitchen counter. I ran over, picked it up in my hands and called the only alive person in the worldwide that could calm me down. After a few rings he picked up.

"Hello?" "Luke! I had the dream again." I cried harder. "Felicity! Oh my gosh you did? Hey, it's going to be all right. K? Do you want me to sing to you?" "Not now. Can you please just play the recording?" "Of course." There was some shuffling in the background then I heard his sweet voice.

After a few minutes it ended and Luke started to sing.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy when skis are gray

You'll never know dear how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away.

As I calmed down he hummed the rest. "Are you okay now?" I took a deep breath. "Yeah. Thanks." "Any time." It was silent for a minute then Luke broke the silence. "Did you break any thing this time?" "Uhm, yeah I did. I couldn't find my phone and with the dream and the thunderstorm going on here, I just lost it.

He sighed. "How are your hands?" I looked at my hands. They had blood and scratches everywhere. I never notice them if they get hurt when it happens during my meltdowns. "Better then last time. They just have a bunch of scratches and not not as much blood." "Felicity Irwin! You can't keep hurting yourself like that. It's not healthy! You know what the doctors said."

"So! You know how hard it is to get myself over control when this happens. Plus, I don't care what the doctors say. They don't do much anyway." "Felicity." "No Luke! You know why I don't like doctors anymore! They could've done something with Ashton. They could have saved him! But they saved me instead but I wasn't as hurt as him!" "Okay, okay. I know."

He sounded tired. "So what's London like? How's collage going? Any friends yet?" "Gray, fine and no." "That's it?" "Well there's this nice girl down the hall from my flat." "Good! You need friends that are nice there." "Luke, you sound tired how about I call you later or you call me. Kay?" "You sure you will be fine?" "Yes." "Alright....I'll call you later." "Great! And Luke thanks. Now I want you, Luke Hemmings, to go to sleep and have an awesome day!" "And you, Felicity Irwin, need to go to sleep." "Alright then. Tell the boys and my famliy I said hi! Love ya! Bye." "Bye, love ya too."

And with that he was gone. Like everyone else. Gone.

*Harry's POV*

I made myself a cup of tea, half-awake. The thunderstorm had waken me up and I couldn't go back asleep. I had the worst headache from last night. I partied so hard I'm surprised I didn't wake up with a strange girl in bed. Instead I woke up half dressed in my own bed alone.

I finished my tea, took aspirin and sat on my couch. I turned on the tv and surfed though the channels. There was an ad for the X-Factor so I watched it for a moment. I have thought I trying out but just thought I would never make it so I turned the channel.

All of a sudden I had it. I grabbed my phone and checked the weather for this weekend. It was going to be partly cloudy but mostly sun, sun, sun! I got a pen and a note pad and started writing things down. I had the perfect idea for a date!

I started making a few calls and started making planes for a girls dream date.

This is going to be great.

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