Im Not Perfect

Shaylor is a scene girl she is Emo and she is anorexic she get bullied at school and parents aren't much help either. Her dad and mom both heavily drink everyday.


2. Razor Blade

                            When I woke up I got ready for school and started to walk. As soon as I stepped in the front door of school everyone teased me laughed and all eyes were on me. I walked into homeroom it was even worse, I felt the need to cut I felt tears building  up in my eyes I couldn't take the pain. I ran out of class not turning back and ran to the bathroom. I took out my razor blade and sliced a clean cut into my wrist. The pain eased as the blood dripped. I washed the blood off and pulled down my sleeve.


"Where were you Shaylor" My teacher said.


"I had to use the bathroom" I responded.

  My teacher rolled her eyes and I sat down. 




Sorry this chapter is kinda short and I had a lot going on today any fixes leave down In the comment section and another chapter may come out later today if I have time or tomarrow. So thanks for reading Bai.

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