Tears In My Eyes

Nobody will ever understand these tears in my eye will never go away.


5. What happened to Shianne

 WARNING:mature content in this chapter very graphic do not read if immature 

Where Shianne was taken was an old barn in the woods which was covered in blood and dead body's of other girls that this guy rapped, Shianne was scared she was shaking from her head to her toes in a room with only a bed. she was put into a red lace bra and thong set she didn't know what was going on. Soon the old man naked as could be with nothing on his dick hard came into the room he took of Shianne's thong  and jammed his dick into her small vagina blood gushed every where Shianne was crying and whimpering soon blood was coming out of her mouth he soon took a knife out of the drawer and sliced her neck open he licked his lips to the sight of her he cooked her for dinner and ate all of her. 

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