Oh My Dearest Love

They're bloody British! This is a story about the internet stars of Youtube, Danisnotonfire (Daniel Howell) and Amazingphil (Phillip Lester). They are in UK, London! They've been friends since highschool, and now they've moved in together. They've been living together for a while now... But friends have they're little secrets... But will one big secret slip? What happens when Phil is having trouble keeping the secrets in the closet?...Will Dan find out?.. Or will it forever be kept... In the closet.


17. That's What You Said Last Night

Dan's POV;


     "Come at me bitch!" I shout mashing buttons on my controller shooting at Phil in Halo3. "Damnit!" He shouts, I snicker a bit hearing Phil cuss sounds so fucking weird. "Motherfucker!!!" I scream as he shoots me and my health is really low, "Stay away! Motherfucker! I'm gonna get your ass you bitch! Gonna get you so fucking hard you little fucking skank!" I scream button mashing, but to no avail... Phil still manages to get in a head shot right before I can take the last shot... I slam my hand down on the sofa, "That's what you said last night." Phil says the busting out into laughter as I do the same just because I feel like an idiot and that joke was pretty damn accurate. "Shut up Phil." I say laughing. "Not saying that wasn't pretty damn accurate though." I say winking at the camera. "Alright so the winner is...." Phil says "Phil." Dan says slapping a Halo3 "sticker" on Phil's side of the board. "Damn it I thought for sure I'd win!" I exclaim.

       "Well you didn't." Phil says chuckling a bit after ward. "Alright love you guys!" Phil says and we both shout by at the camera. Then Phil stops the recording. "That was a bit rude." I say, "Well you did say that now didn't you." Phil says smirking and snickering. "Okay yeah I did." I say laughing at Phil's point. We're both fucking idiots.

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