Oh My Dearest Love

They're bloody British! This is a story about the internet stars of Youtube, Danisnotonfire (Daniel Howell) and Amazingphil (Phillip Lester). They are in UK, London! They've been friends since highschool, and now they've moved in together. They've been living together for a while now... But friends have they're little secrets... But will one big secret slip? What happens when Phil is having trouble keeping the secrets in the closet?...Will Dan find out?.. Or will it forever be kept... In the closet.


15. Chris's Crush

Phil's POV;


        I roll over and check the time, it's 10AM. Eh why not get up? I sit up in my bed and kick the covers off, I put my feet over the edge of the bed touching the very cold floor. I scratch the back of my head and stretch the other arm yawning. Then I stand and realize... I'm still naked. Fuck. I put on my boxers and walk out into the hallway. Dan and Chris are already up and are having a conversation in the kitchen. "Oh hey Phil." Chris says waving at me, "Morning." I say. I walk to the the kitchen to make coffee. "Oh coffee I love you." I say fixing the coffee. "Haha, yeah someone needs their coffee." Dan says smiling. "True that." I say smiling as the coffee starts to drain. I turn and Chris squints at me, "What?" I ask, "You got white stuff on your nose." Chris says confused. Oh god! I look at my reflection in the microwave and realize what it is. Dan immediately starts to laugh. I blush. I like my finger and start to scrub it off. I look at my finger and lick it off. "What was that?" Chris asks, "Oh dried milk." I answer quickly. Dan chuckles from behind the counter. "Shut up." I say to him, he giggles a bit before letting his laughter dies down. I giggle a bit at Dan, "What?" He asks, "You have some on your cheek." I say giggling. Dan blushes and gets it off the same way I did. "I don't want to know." Chris says, "Oh trust me you really don't." Dan says giggling a bit.

        Chris just shakes his head and drinks the rest of his coffee. "Um guys." Chris says in a low voice like a child about to confess something to his parents. "Yeah?" I ask, "I need to tell you something... But you can't tell anyone." Chris says, "Okay I swear on my heart." I say, "And I swear on my existence." Dan says nodding. "Okay..." Chris says. "I have a crush on someone... We all know this person." Chris says, "Okay." I say nodding, "I-.... I-..... I have a crush on PJ" Chris says. "You like PJ?" Dan says shocked. I am speechless. "Yeah I really like him..." Chris says. "But you can't tell anyone remember, you promised." Chris says. "I know, I know, we won't like we said." I say nodding. 

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