Maddy is a normal 17 year old girl with an average life...She had a mother that was abusive,a good sister and she was great in school...well her life was average until something made her move in with her boyfriend,Zack. One day,Maddy meets Zack's roommate,Miles. They become friends instantly...or will it be more.
Will Miles and Maddy fall in love?
If they do,what'll happen with Zack?


1. Chapter 1

Maddy's POV

My sister,Janet,and I were sitting at the table eating pizza while mom was upstairs asleep. Mom was always asleep,because she drinks a lot,and when she isn't drinking she is at work,yelling at us for the tiniest reasons beating us. She started drinking after our dad left us for a less crazy woman. I sighed thinking about it,I set my head on my hand,staring at the wood table. Janet grabbed my hand and gave me an assuring smile.

"Maddy,we'll get away from here..." She was lying. I sighed and gave her a nod. I looked back down at the table,I just knew that it'll be YEARS before we could get out of here. I sighed again and finished my food,I stood up,the chair made a loud noise as it scooted back,I flinched. Then I heard stomping,I looked around and went into the kitchen,there was enough room to hide in the cabinet under the sink,I opened the little door and crawled inside,I attempted not to make any noise,if mom caught me,I would get slapped because I interrupted her sleep.

"Keep down the f***ing noise! I'm trying to get some damn sleep!" I heard mom yell,Janet said something and I heard a slap. I heard a loud thump,I think Janet hit the floor.

"Shut the f*** up! Where's your sister!" Mom yelled. After that,I heard mom's feet moving around,the sound of chairs,couches,and tables being moved and lifted. Finally,she walked into the kitchen. I covered my mouth with both of my hands,I covered my nose to. I swallowed and felt something crawling on my foot,I let out a squeal,swatting the tiny roach away,then the door was quickly pulled open.

"THERE YOU ARE!" She yells,she pulled me by my hair,I squealed in pain and she stood me up,I immediately felt a pain on my cheek.

"FIRST OF ALL I TOLD YOU BEFORE TO BE QUIET WHEN I'M ASLEEP! AND YOU DON'T RUN FROM ME!" I nodded,she gave me another slap before going back upstairs,once I heard her bedroom door close I ran to Janet.

"Janet,are you okay?" I asked her,she was on the floor,crying and holding her cheek,she gave me a nod. She stood up and removed her hand,blood was all over her cheek and her hand. I gasped,Janet shook her head.

"No I'm fine,I just need some sleep..." She says. I sigh I nod,Janet tip toes upstairs and silently closes her door. I sigh,I silently run up to my room and grab a suitcase. My mom may be an alcoholic,but I still have the belongings of a regular teenage girl. I stuffed as many things into it as I could,I grabbed my second bag and stuffed the rest of my clothes and tiny belongings in there. I had clothes,toothbrush,toothpaste,shampoo,conditioner,lotion,perfume,finally,make up. I grabbed my phone and put on a pair of converse. I turned around and I jumped,Janet was standing there.

"You're finally going to do it..." Janet says,I suddenly felt bad.

"I'm sorry..." I say,Janet's face grows confused.

"Why are you sorry?" She says.

"For not bringing you..."

"It's fine" she walks into my room.

"So,none of your belongings are here but your bed,you really leaving?" I nod.

"Never coming back?" She says,I smile.

"No..." Janet smiles she pats my back.

"Just,leave,now,quickly and quietly.... call me..." Janet says. I smile and tip toe down stairs. Janet watches from upstairs as I stand in front of the door. I put my hand on the knob and I turn around to look at her. She gives me a smile,a tear slides down her cheek,I give her a wave good bye and I twist the knob.

"Once your out Maddy,there's no turning back,no coming back..." I tell myself,I turn around again,Janet has both of her hands over her mouth as she cries,she's so proud of me. I look back at the door and I open it a little.

"This is it,Janet..." I whisper. She waves and I fully open the door,it opens silently,I step outside and I put my bags down,I slowly close the door. The last thing I see before leaving is Janet's tears,and Janet closing her bedroom door behind her.



Awww! I almost feel bad for Maddy even though she was just being slapped. She finally left! I almost cried at the end though,it was so sad! She had to leave her older sister,her shield! Well,lets be glad that she's free and slightly happy!



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