On The Edge

After being separated for four years, will these two young lovers find what their hearts long for after denying it for oh so long?


2. New York City

I was ready to start ripping hair from my head. I was literally going insane. Phone calls were coming in non-stop, models were coming in hung over and smelling like straight puke, the electrician was late to fix the lights for the runway, and I was ready to break down.
“Ms. Walker?” I whipped around and my assistant, Brooklyn was standing there.
“Your mother is on line 3 for you.” I nodded and walked back to my office, folders and charts all in hand.
“Hi sweetie.” Hearing her voice made me sigh; almost like nothing was wrong.
“How are you?”
“How am I? Oh dear lord child, you sound like you’re older than me! Forget me, how are you?” I smiled weakly to myself and sighed.
“I’m stressed beyond belief. I had an interview with People later today, a runway show going on tomorrow and nothing is going right, I have files to go through, dresses that need finished, paper work to do, calls to return…”
“Calm down darling; come home and take a vacation.” I sighed and ran my fingers through my bangs.
“I wish I could mom…I really do but there’s too much that needs to be done here in New York.”
“Well what about that pact you made?”
“Oh mom, I doubt he’s even going to come back. He’s probably too busy playing pro basketball. He was so big in college…I don’t know mom. I don’t even think it’s worth it.” I finished my sentence just as the beeper started going off. “Mom, I need to go. I’m being called.”
“Well at least think about it?”
“Okay mom, love you.” I said, hanging up before waiting for a response. I rushed out of my office, to go fix what was broken now.

I got off the plane, walking through the terminal. I was home, back in Oak Island. I walked to the rental car area and slowly picked one out before paying, getting to keys, and taking it for the half hour, hour ride home.
“Mom, dad?!” I called through my house.
“Well look who it is!” My mom said, hugging me tightly.
“Hi mom.” I kissed her on the top of the head. I have always been taller than her but this time she looked much shorter than I remember. “Did you shrink or something?” I joked. My mom laughed and stepped back.
“Maybe you just got taller.” I laughed a little and gave my dad a hug when he walked in.
“Have you heard anything? Is she back in town?”
“Not that I’ve heard sweetie…” My mom said sadly. I shrugged and put my bags down.
“Well…we can still make the most of this summer, can’t we?” I asked, trying to sound happy.
“Of course we can baby!” My mom said.
“Help me with the burgers, son.” I nodded and walked out back with my dad as my mom carried my few bags to my old room.
After dinner, I went to the local bar where a good portion of my friends always hung out. I knew a few of them were still here on Oak Island so I was hoping I would run into a few of them. 
“Well look who it is!” I heard as I walked into the bar. I saw a few of my best friends, Niall and Louis sitting at the bar. I walked over and joined them.
“How are you guys?” I asked after giving them both hugs.
“Pretty good man. I’m working with my dad at his law firm.” Louis said, shrugging. “I mean, not what I wanted to do but I couldn’t get anything else after college so it’s something.”
“I’m just a bartender at the bar down the street.” Niall said.
“So why do you come here for drinks…?” I asked, confused.
“I get tired of looking at that place.” Louis and I both laughed as I ordered us a round of beers. For the night, we talked and caught up. It’s surprising how much can change in four years. I was expecting us all to be doing exactly what we wanted but I was the only one who got that lucky. At least out of the three of us.
According to Louis and Niall, Zayn and Liam still lived here, along with a bung of our other friends. Not many people left Oak Island and stayed away; most of them came back after college. There was only a handful of people that never moved back.
After a couple of hours at the bar, I headed back to her old house. I wanted to confirm if she wasn’t here myself, in case she had snuck into town without being noticed.

A week had gone by, the fall line had been done, the runaway show was over, and things were slowing down dramatically. All I really had to keep up with was drawings to make for the winter line.
“Ms. Walker?”
“Yes Brooklyn?”
“Your mother is on line 1.”
“Thank you.” I put my sketch book down and picked up the phone.” Hello mother.”
“How are you sweetie?”
“Tired as all hell. I don’t think I’ve even left the office unless it’s to see Tyler.”
“Oh how is the wonderful fiancé?” My mom asked. I sighed and looked at the ring on my finger.
“He’s as wonderful as ever.”
“Why don’t you bring him down here for a vacation?”
“You keep dropping hints that aren’t subtle at all.” I pointed out.
“I know; I just miss my daughter.”
“I know mom…I’m sorry I just have so much going on here right now.”
“You say that every time I try and get you to come visit us. Darling, its summer, all your old friends are back; come visit.”
“I’ll talk to Tyler mom. I’ll see what I can work out. I also need to bring work down though so it won’t be much of a vacation.”
“I’ll take what I can get.”
“Ms. Walker; Tyler is here to see you.” Brooklyn said.
“Send him in; mom, I need to go, Tyler is here.” I said as Tyler walked in, smiling at me.
“Well tell him I can’t wait to meet him. Goodbye dear.”
“Bye mom; love you.”
“Love you too.” I hung up the phone as Tyler came around and gave me a quick kiss.
“How is the wonderful mother of yours that I have yet to meet?” Tyler asked, smiling.
“She keeps trying to convince me to go down for a summer. But there’s so much work to be done here, and with your acting…it just couldn’t be done.”  
“Of course it can; why don’t you head out tomorrow and I’ll meet you down there when we wrap up the season. We’ll finish it in only a few weeks and I can come down and spend the rest of the summer with you. It’ll give me time to meet your family and old friends.”
“Are you sure?” I asked slowly. Tyler nodded and kissed me again.
“I’m positive.”
“BROOKLYN!” I called and she came running back in.
“Yes Ms. Walker?”
“Book me a flight on my jet; tonight we fly to Oak Island, North Carolina.”
“Just you miss?”
“Yes; also, call a conference meeting; I need everyone in 15 minutes.”
“Yes Ms. Walker.” Brooklyn walked out and I heard her announce the conference call.
“I’ll see you off tonight, sound good?”
“That sounds wonderful, babe.” I said, smiling.
“Alright; I’ll go grab us some take out. I nodded and smiled as Tyler left.
For the first time in a very long time…I was going home.

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