On The Edge

After being separated for four years, will these two young lovers find what their hearts long for after denying it for oh so long?


7. Imagine the Family

On the car ride back to Harry's place, Aubree was happily talking about how excited she was to be going home and about how happy she was to have finally met me. 
“She's quite the talker.” I said to Harry as Aubree hit kept going. 
“She's not usually. She's actually quite more often than not. This is a once in a blue moon kind of mood.” 
“Hmm…wow. Well at least she's happy.” 
“I'm not gonna lie, she's happy because of you.” Harry said, smiling at me. 
“Oh come on; I'm not that exciting.” 
“Between me and your mom, she's really the only other woman besides your mom she knows. And she views your mom as her mom. She's the closest thing to a mother figure she has.” 
“Not your parents?” 
“Since they retired to Florida, they haven't come up much and because of trying to support Aubree, going down to see them isn't exactly the easiest thing ever.” 
“That kinda sucks; her not knowing her grandparents.” 
“It doesn't bother me. My parents never really approved of her all too well. Once they found out I knocked up my ex and she kept the kid, it didn't go over all too well. Once they found out I was gaining full custody of her, shit hit the fan. They were sort of okay with it when she wasn't in my life, as soon as she became a part of it, the relationship went downhill fast.” 
“Well either way, you know my mom. She steps in whenever needed.” 
“That she did. She watched her for days at a time when I had finals, away games, anything. For the most part of my college career she stayed with my mom. Your mom was my life saver.” I smiled at how incredible my mom was. 
“Well hopefully it gets easier from here.” 
“I don't know. It might, it might not. I may have to hire a nanny if I end up getting drafted. And the last thing I want to do is hire someone else to raise my daughter but…playing ball is a full time job.” 
“Yeah that it is.” I said slowly as we pulled into Harry's driveway. 
“WERE HOME!” Aubree said happily. We started getting out of the car as my phone started going crazy. I checked my caller ID and sighed. 
“That didn't sound good.” Harry said slowly. I shrugged and sighed again. 
“Work.” I took a few steps from the car and answered the phone. “Hello?” 
“How was your flight?” Brooklyn asked. 
“It was okay. What's going on? Everything okay up there?”
“Yeah I guess. Super hectic since everyone has been trying to get in touch with you but we only have your moms house number and your work cell. Your work cell is here and your mom finally gave in on giving me your personal cell. I promise no one else will get it. I'll take all the heat for no one getting in touch with you.” 
“Brooklyn you're a savior. But what's up?” 
“Who was that?” Brooklyn asked. “Is that a kid?” 
“Yeah…one of my old friends has a kid and I'm with him and her right now.” 
“Him? Does Tyler know about this him?”
“No, and he doesn't need to because he's just a friend.”
“Bethany! Come play!” 
“Aubree, Bethany is on the phone. Why don't we wait inside?” 
“Oh now he just sounds hot.” 
“Brooklyn…” I said slowly. “Il love right there baby girl!” I yelled back. “Now what the hell is the issue?” 
“Okay so a few of the models are MIA, some of the merchandisers are having issues agreeing on this fall line, the designers are getting pissed as hell because they need the decisions so they can move forward, our magazine editor is having mental blocks because the interns for the school year are gone and she's having struggles finding summer interns; so basically she's more focused on finding interns instead of the magazine, and Vera Wang called asking when you guys were getting drinks.” I sighed and made mental notes of all of this. 
“Okay, uhm give me ten minutes and I'll call you right back. Okay?” 
“Gotcha.” Brooklyn said, then hanging up. I walked into the house and Harry was in the kitchen with Aubree having snacks. 
“You look stressed.” Harry said, as Aubree shoved Cheerios into her mouth. “Chew and swallow sweetie.” Aubree nodded and slowed down. 
“Yeah…do you have a laptop?”
“Yeah, in the bedroom. Is everything okay?” 
“Not really. I'll explain in a few.” Harry nodded as I went to grab the laptop. I started logging into skype and started calling Brooklyn back. 
“BW Headquarters.” 
“It's Bethany.” 
“Oh hey, what do you want us to do?” 
“Call a staff meeting and set up the skype.” I said. 
“I'll call in five minutes so everyone better be there.” 
“Okay, see you in a few.” I said, hanging up. I leaned back against the chair at the kitchen island, sighing. 
“So is this what your summer is gonna be like?” Harry asked me. 
“Yup…I told my mom I would come but work comes with me. She said she could take what she could get.” 
“I guess that makes sense. For what it's worth…I'm happy you came back.” Harry said quietly. I blushed a little and smiled. 
“Me too.” I whispered. 
“Me too!” Aubree said, clapping her hands. “Can we play now?” 
“I still need a few more minutes. I have to make a work call right now, okay?” Aubree started to frown and I suddenly felt like shit. 
“Give her a few more minutes sweetie. Bethany is gonna be here all summer, okay?” Aubree started smiling again and hopped off the stool. 
“Okay!” She ran off and Harry followed after her giving me privacy. I smiled to myself and hit the call button to work. 

While I heard Bethany talking out in the kitchen, Aubree and I were in her playroom, playing with her Barbie dolls. She had been nothing but happy since Bethany got here and it broke my heart that at the end of the summer, she'd be back in New York, I'd either be drafted or coaching, and the only consistent person in her life will only ever be Bethany's mom, and a nanny I knew I'd be forced to hire. 
“Well that was shit.” Bethany said, storming in. Aubree giggled and Bethany slapped her hand over her mouth. “I'm so sorry…” I smirked and shook my head. 
“Daddy has slip ups too. He always says never repeat him.” Aubree said. 
“Yeah, she tells the truth.” 
“You said I should always tell the truth!” Aubree said. 
“You should baby girl. Now, what are we playing?” Bethany asked. I smiled as Aubree handed her a Barbie doll and she took it willingly. I smiled even more when the thought of us being a family crossed my mind. I quickly shook the thought away; Bethany was engaged and I…I had to move on. 

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