On The Edge

After being separated for four years, will these two young lovers find what their hearts long for after denying it for oh so long?


5. Getting Ready

The next morning, I was up bright and early, sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, eating breakfast and downing coffee like it was my job since I was still tired from last night.
“Did you have a good night last night, sweetie?” My mom asked me. I groaned and tried to smile at her, knowing she hasn’t seen me in four years and would want to talk to me.
“We were out way too late for my liking since he wants me to go out with him this morning.”
“What time did you get home?”
“Almost 5 in the morning.”
“Oh dear…well that’s okay. It’s probably the most social life you’ve had in four years.” My mom tried to joke, but I could only half smile since it was sadly true. I didn’t really have many friends back in New York City and it kind of hurt on days where I needed a friend to talk to…besides Tyler and my mom. But I had none because of how I chose to live my college life. “Well, where are you and Harry going this morning?”
“We’re going to pick up his daughter.”
“Ah, she’s a cutie!”
“You’ve seen her?”
“Of course I have! She calls me grandma. She’s seen many pictures of you and calls you “Aunt” all the time. It’s absolutely adorable. I love it.”
“Yeah, Harry told me about her last night. And about the mother.”
“Oh that mother is a scum bag.” When my mom said that, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. My mom was never big on the cursing. She didn’t mind when I did it, but hearing her curse was a very rare thing to hear and it made me laugh every time.
“Well she is. So I was thinking about something last night.”
“What’s that?”
“I was thinking I could find a place in New York City with you so I could come stay up there since I’m retired and have the money to so if I ever missed you or for holidays since you can’t come down, I could go up to you…”
“Mom…you don’t have to do that.” I said, shocked she would even consider leaving Oak Island for longer than a few hours.
“Sweetie, I miss you. I haven’t seen you in four years and I regret not even visiting you while you were there.”
“Mom, you were going through rough times, I had school to focus on, I understand why it played out the way it did.”
“But sweetie…I want to be able to be close to you.”
“Alright, but if you choose to do that, you have to give me warning when you’re coming up so you don’t need to pay for a plane.”
“I would have to anyway to get there! I’m certainly not driving.” I shook my head and smiled.
“Mom, I have my own jet. You’ll take that so you can be comfortable and not surrounded by hoards of people. I know how you get around a bunch of strangers.”
“Alright, I guess that’s a deal.” I laughed as I heard the front door open.
“In the kitchen, Harry!” My mom called. Harry walked in and kissed my moms’ head and stood by me.
“Are you ready?”
“Do I look ready?” I pointed out, still in pajamas with my hair in seven different directions.
“Oh Harry, sit, have some breakfast and coffee while she finishes getting ready. We can talk all about the night you two had last night.”
“Bethany never was good at giving details, was she?” Harry joked, smiling at me. I jokingly smacked his shoulder and he grabbed it and faked pain. I laughed and shook my head as I brought my dishes to the sink.
“She never was but it was always worse in the morning.” My mom joked, making us all laugh.
“I hate both of you!”
“Oh stop being so hateful and go get ready!” My mom demanded with a smile on her face. I laughed and made my way back upstairs to my room to get ready to pick up Harry’s daughter, which only made me more nervous about today. Even though she was only about three years old, doesn’t change anything. Kids have insanely good instincts on people and I really didn’t want her to have a bad one on me. I was probably being over paranoid and dramatic, but that’s how you get when you run as big of a company as me; everything makes you paranoid and nervous. It just is what it is.   

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