my adventure

hi my name is Lux barton. yes as in clint barton. my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad im a nerd. Not only that I meet venturiantale and I form a crush on Jordan while Loki is invading earth, also im recruited to shield!


3. school

I walk into the school building and instantly get drowned in insults. wow she is so pathetic. what a loser. she is so ugly. That's when gwen the head cheerleader and her goons decides to walk up. Hey Lex! um its Lux. Whatever. Here is my English homework its due in 2 days. Um I don't think that's allowed. Do you think I care. Fine i'll do your homework. Is that an attitude I hear, you know for an avengers kid your pretty lame. What do you think your doing? oh lookie here its lamie. uh its lilly and stop talking to lux like that. why should I listen to you? Well I don't think you want that pretty face messed up. LILLY! What? she is the head cheerleader! so what she is still just a person. you will totally regret saying that! Yeah right. c'mon lux lets get to class. we walk to class an take our seats at the back. The rest of the day was normal getting bullied, lilly helping me, and doing work. I walk through the door and try to get past my dad without him noticing. Hold up come back here. yes dad? turn around. I turn around and he takes something of my back. Lux this needs to stop. my dads is holding up a sign that says loser on it. im sorry dad. you need to stand up for yourself your a barton you cant always count on lilly and me. I know its just im not like you. I run upstairs and lay in my bed crying then my dad came In. Lux. GO AWAY!!! He turns around and leaves. I feel bad about screaming at my dad but im just so upset I dosent even matter. I ended up spending the rest of the day in my room.

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