my adventure

hi my name is Lux barton. yes as in clint barton. my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad im a nerd. Not only that I meet venturiantale and I form a crush on Jordan while Loki is invading earth, also im recruited to shield!


1. Intro to me

Hi my name is lux Barton, yes as in Clint Barton my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad I'm a nerd. I have long blonde hair and big bright blue eyes. I'm quiet, shy, and mainly stick to myself. The only difference between my and other nerds is that I have military training and like my dad excel in archery. my favorite youtube channel is venturiantale I go to the same school as them but they don't even know I exsist even thought I have a huge crush on Jordan. my best friend is lilly rogers captain Americas daughter. but enough about boring old me lets just get on with the story. 

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