sir styles


1. meeting him

hello my name is marilyn ross , im 19 , i work in london , im origanly from california but i moved to london when i was 18 .

beep beep beep rrr the sound of my dreaded

alarm . i got out of bed and walked into my bathroom . i started running a shower . i took of my top and shorts then started washing my hair and body with strawberry shampoo and conditioner and mint body wash . i turned of the shower and walked to my wardrobe and put on black skinny jeans a ralph lauren jumber and uggs .

i then started my way down the frezzing cold streets of london to work . i stopped of at costa to get a gingerbread christmas coffe there the best . i just finished my coffe as i stood outside my work . as soon as i got inside i started to get ready . oh yeah i forgot to tell you i work in a strip club for celeberitys . i found an outfit on my locker fishnet stockings a corset a lacy black bra and black lace thong and pair of black boots i put every thing on then went to my room and waited for my boss to tell me who i was going to be pleasureing this time . she then walked in and told me it was harry styles and that he was taking me away for two weeks after tonight i nooded in agrement . i then lied on the bed waiting for mr styles i then heard the door open i slowly stood up and walked over to him . he grabbed me and pushed me against a wall kissing me passionatly he then licked my bottom lip for an entrance which i gave him , his tounge explored my mouth like it was a cave full of treasure . i then started unbuttoning his shirt slowly so he would want more as soon as his shirt was on the floor i pushed him on the king size bed and licked his nipple and then blew cold air on it for it to tense up which it did .



hey guys

this is my second fan fic so plz no hate if u have any ideas then plz comment them and ill add them in thanks bye



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