The year is 3045, The world is in shambled. A race of creatures called Togans have risen to power. Their way of identification is simple; a tattoo, a single tattoo. It is not a normal tattoo--the ink is laced with a chemical agent that will react with chemicals in the brain connected to obedience, loyalty, and rebellion. Onyx is 7 when she watches her father crumble from the pain of Rebellion. The doctor said he burned from the inside. Now 18 Onyx must make a decision; either join the Togans and get tattooed or join the Alliance. Made up of the Disobedient, the Patriots? Here its either join, fight, or die: what will Onyx do?


1. Prologue: Death of Father

*Skiff: A board game played by poverty stricken adults. THe game consists of a deck of cards and multi-colored buttons. The objective is to get yours buttons into two rows to create a skiff to get a cross the Atlantic to freedom.*


Prologue: Death of Father


March 20th, 3024

(Told from 3rd Person)


Onyx enjoyed watching her father play his game. Onyx once believed the games were just that; games until March 20th, her seventh birthday. She was watching her Uncle and father play Skiff when it happened.


"What would it be like without the Togans?" Nathaniel questioned; Nathaniel being Onyx's father,


"Nathaniel, do not speak this way!" Onyx watched her uncle turn white with fear, Rebellion Onyx gasped mentally, Disobedience. 


"What are they gonna do? If I say I wish I could 'em all?" Onyx watched in horror as her father fell from his chair, his card and buttons falling onto the makeshift Skff board. Onyx saw her father's eyes glow bright orange; as if on fire before he took his final breath. Onyx started to wail, her little girl wail until her mother came.  When she saw what happened she screamed.


"Nathaniel! Nathaniel?" Her mother collapsed beside the internally charred body.


"Mama, he said the Forbidden!" 


"Oh Nathaniel you foolish man! Now they have killed you!"




"Run, Onyx you must go!"


"NO Mama I will stay!"


"You will leave with uncle Peter."


"Why mama/ Where are you going?"


"No where important darling. I love you very much."


"But you love papa more?'


"NO my baby."


"Yes mama." Onyx watched the doctor come. He was an old man; one of the oldest Togans in the land. His eyes were glassy, they almost looked like rubies. He clutched the brief case he carried with and iron tight grip and tried to hide the smile of the prospect of eating  traitors tonight. He glanced at the little girl in the arms of a Tattooed.  His black coat shimmered as if made of metal in the candle light. Such poverty here the Togan doctor thought to himself. 


*Citizens are given serial #'s to identify them in even of arrest or death-this number is paired with the tattoo.*


"Number 334075, Dragon Tattoo died of Rebellion at 3:07pm on March 20th, 3024."


"Died of Rebellion?" squeaked little Onyx from her perch of safety in her uncle's arms.


"Burned from the inside." Onyx cried hearing what horrid thing had killed her Papa, the Dragon tattoo- oh what a favorite. 


"Who killed my Papa?" the little brat whispered once more. The Togan doctor turned, a gleeful smile plastered on his aged face.


"He did it to himself. Our great Leaders want only the loyal to serve them."


"The Togans killed my Papa?"


"Hush child!"


"They cannot harm me mama. I am not Tattooed, nor will I ever be." They should've killed her then. But the did not. Peter, or as the Togans knew him number 330517 tiger tattoo picked up the girl once more and fled to the country. But the girl heard her mama say,


"The Togans will pay. I will kill them myself. For they have taken everything from me." Onyx heard her screams, and the doctor say greedily, almost gleefully 


"Number 334018, lily tattoo. Died 3:30pm March 20, 3024."

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