Stuck In Light

Into the blinding light.


4. 4

“Haha, okay, but where? Seriously, Ethan, this is getting ridiculous.”

            We are walking, or swimming in the whiteness. It seems that there is vastness and space in this limbo-like world. There are miles and miles of bright light that keeps going. And Ethan is leading us somewhere.

            “I told you, you’ll have to wait. It’s a surprise!” he flashed a smirk at me, winking playfully. I decided to go along with his game.

            Plastering a convincing, yet melodramatic pout on my face, I fold my arms under my floating body, gliding ahead of him, whilst kicking harder in the air to add the foreshadowing of a temper tantrum.

            “Luce, that isn’t going to work on me. Kicking that hard will make your legs hurt and slow you down, and we don’t have any water left,” Ethan called from behind me. He was right, at one point I would get exhausted and fall behind, and the bottle of water I had in my bag was used for this morning’s breakfast, along with an old granola bar split between us. “Besides, we’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

            I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder, a most sceptical look on my face. How the hell could he know we were a couple of minutes away from this “surprise”? The scenery hadn’t changed in the slightest; all there was around us was white light, everlasting illumination and nothing more.

            “We’re here,” he said, stopping in mid  . . . wherever it is that we were, and grabbed me by my ankle, pulling me gentle towards him. “Listen, Lucy. I’m going to have to put an enchantment on you, so that you can see the Square,”

            An enchantment? What was this, Harry Potter? A hesitant look plastered my face, before nodding vigorously, trying to figure out what to make of it all.

            Since when could Ethan do magic?

            And what the eff is the Square?

            I kept my thoughts as thoughts merely, and gulped. Ethan smiled, taking my hand encouragingly.

“It’s all alright, I promise. All the enchantment’s going to do is make you look like someone from here. When it activates, you’ll see what I see right now, and others will be able to see you.”

“You haven’t been seeing this light?” I asked,  unknowing that he saw beyond the fluorescence.

“Yes. But that doesn’t matter. Just . . . Please, don’t freak out when you see it?” Ethan asked nervously.

“I won’t, promise.”

Smiling, I closed my eyes, not wanting to know what Ethan would do. But I couldn’t help but open my eyes, and there was my boyfriend, eyes clenched shut, forehead scrunched in concentration, muttering something under his breath. Suddenly, the light seemed to be blocked out as I was pulled into standing position and placed against emerging grass, and around us, houses and buildings were appearing out of nowhere, fading into the bright scene. People seemed to grow from specks of dust, walking around, going about their lives with no notice of two people that stood in a doorway to the town area.

“Welcome, Lucy, to the Anglasia Square.”

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