Hetalia OC's {REDO}

This is a redo of my OC movella so this will only be Hetalia!


1. Greenland

Country: Greenland

Human Age: 19


Greenland's human name is Astrid Crellån. Her first name is a Nordic name and her last name is Danish. She has no real siblings but she considers Canada and Norway as her brothers. She is kind and caring but a little bipolar. If someone mentions her country's past then she is very serious. Denmark annoys her at times but she fights back feelings for him.

Appearance: Astrid is usually seen wearing a dark green jacket with a Greenlandic flag pinned on. She has a white flannel shirt under the jacket and dark denim jeans. She usually wears white snow boots similar to Iceland's. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She usually wears black gloves to keep her hands warm.


Nordic 5:

Astrid considers Lukas as a brother. They both get annoyed by Mathias at times. Emil is her best friend and she loves hanging out around him. Berwald and Tino are some of her good friends. Meanwhile, Her and Mathias are good friends but she gets annoyed by him at times. She has fought back feelings for him because of her past.


She has become quite good friends with North Ireland and Ireland. North Ireland is a little afraid of her at times.


Matthew is like a big brother to her. They get along since their countries are so close. She is one of the only ones who knows Matthew is there.

{{You can check out a story about Astrid on Wattpad on My account (hetalia_fangirl_)! It's called Country of Greenland~}}

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