Lone Wolf

This story is about a life of a female wolf named Kyra, meaning "strong woman" in Slavic. No wolf likes to live on its own. But Kyra takes every outcome, that is thrown at her. Follow Kyra on her journey with researcher Kate Wulf and learn the life of a she wolf.


1. As a Pup

  Kyra came to the world in the spring of 1999. In a small pack researcher Kate Wulf calls Mladí Vlci. The Mladí Vlci is Slavic for Young Wolves. "I name this pack Young Wolves because there are no elders in this pack. The oldest wolf is only five years," Kate told the writer in Slavic.

  Kate Wulf has been following the back for two years. Watching them grow. But this spring has been different. The Mladí Vlci pack has had their first litter of two healthy pups. A pure white fur boy who Kate named Belobog, meaning "White God." And a gray tan fur girl named Kyra. Kate named Kyra after her mother. Belobog rough housed more with Kyra and their aunt, Iskra meaning "Spark." Kate starts to wonder if Kyra will be an omega.

  The little she wolf plays mostly on her own. Pouncing on bugs and little frogs around the river. And when her father, the alpha wolf tagged wolf 55, brings food for the pups, there is little left for Kyra, since her brother, Belobog gets to it first. Fighting aggressively to force her away.

  When the older wolf's leave to hunt, the younger wolves are exempt, and stay to eat and play. Even though Belobog wins in fighting over food, in the past few days, Kyra has gained power. Making it a even match between her and her brother. But when not playing, Kyra enjoys exploring the river bed. Pawing at the Minos as they swim against the currant.

  Right now, Kyra's world is just a puppy play house.

  "When the pups where three months old, Belobog just disappeared," Kate Wulf said, "Then the other wolves left. Leaving the den sight empty. When I looked into the den, I found Belobog's body curled up in the back of the den. It seemed that he had an unknown disease that has wiped out pups for ages in Yellowstone."

  Four weeks had past since Kate Wulf had seen the Mladí Vlci pack. Kate found them with the help of wolf 55's radio collar, at the edge of the wolves territory. "I was relieved to see Kyra and the pack," Kate said with a wide grin on her face. Kyra was now seven weeks. She was just now watching and learning how to hunt by the three other back members.

  Yellowstone is a dangerous place for young wolves like Kyra. Even though wolves are on the top of the food chain, their is one competitor that over comes the wolf. The grizzly bear. And a pup is a easy snack when a hungry grizzly comes along. But it is only spring. After sleeping for all of winter, the grizzly doesn't have much of an apatite for hunting. It just scavenges for a couple of mounts.

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