About Me

The title says it all.


2. Hobbies

I enjoy drawing, either on paper or on my iPad mini. I use ArtStudio for iPad. I also enjoy gaming. I play Minecraft, CoD, LittleBigPlant(1,2, and Karting), and Portal 2. I'm normally playing with  a few friends, on my own, or with a bunch of random people. O yeah- I also play the Sims 3 Pets. I enjoy listening to electro, EDM, dubstep, and glitch hop. I also really enjoy listening to Jordans music. I don't listen to nightcore that much anymore. I love reading. Everytime there is a new book by Erin Hunter, I instantly buy it :P. I have also read and enjoyed the Percy Jackson stuff XD, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. I will also hang out with friends or play with my cats.

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