My BestFriend Is My BoyFriend

Hi my name is Selena I lost my memory in a car crash. Their are something's that I don't remember. But their is one thing that I do remember is that my boyfriend left me for a record label.

Will Selena find someone else? Will Justin find someone else? Will Justin come back for Selena? Will Selena not remember her boyfriend?

Read On To Find Out More-Alison


2. Hospital *Part2*

Selena's POV

I woke up and I was in the... Hospital. Ashley's is next to me. My mom and dad were here with me.

"Selena how did this happen"

"I don't want to talk about it"


"Can you guys just leave me alone"


*Selena's Parents Walked Out Of The Room*

"Ashley are you wake"


"I'm sorry that I got you injured I wasn't thinking because I miss Justin"

"It's ok and I get it that's how I will feel"

"Thanks for understanding and for forgiving me"

"No problem"

"We should go to sleep I'm tired"

"Me to"

Ashley and I fell asleep.

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