My BestFriend Is My BoyFriend

Hi my name is Selena I lost my memory in a car crash. Their are something's that I don't remember. But their is one thing that I do remember is that my boyfriend left me for a record label.

Will Selena find someone else? Will Justin find someone else? Will Justin come back for Selena? Will Selena not remember her boyfriend?

Read On To Find Out More-Alison


1. Car Crash *Part1*

Selena's POV

I was with my BFF Ashley. We went to a Night Club because Justin left me for a stupid record label. Ashley and I need to go home but we didn't notice that we were both drunk. I was driving with the music so loud.

"What do u want to go next"

"Let's go to a different night club"

"He'll ya I'm with you"

I accidentally drove past the red light and another car crashed into me. The car flipped over. And than every thing went black. I can't hear or see anything.

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