Soulmates - A Harry Potter Fanfic

A cute little story about two wands destined to meet each other... Or is it?

This is my first fan-fiction, so sorry if I miss out any important details. ;D


1. The Lie.

Kayla stared closely at her wand, eyeing every detail, wondering why on earth had she been destined for this wand? It looked grand, as if it had been made for someone with a much higher stature. White with golden vines creeping up the handle, and a small, yet beautiful golden gem on the base. As she examined it, she ran through what Mr Olivander had said.

"Ah, here we are. Phoenix feather, birch, eight and a half inches, quite whimsical! And a fine wand for a young witch such as yourself! Here, try it out." As he handed it over, Kayla noticed him looking at the base of the wand with a hint of concern in his eye. As she waved it, a whirlwind began to form around Kayla, so much that it could almost lift her! Suddenly, a large beam of light shone onto the wand, and just as quickly as everything started, it stopped. This was the one.

"Curious..." Mr Ollivander muttered to himself.

"Sorry, but what's so curious? She asked.

A moment of hesitation passed before..

"You are very lucky my dear! This wand has a brother! You see this gem?" He pointed to the base of the wand Kayla was holding.

"Two wands with a gem such as this are bound to two people that without these wands, would never meet. Two people that are alike, yet different in every way. Soulmates. Search for the other gem my dear, and you will find the one."

She remembered the way that he had smiled. It looked fake... What had he not told her? Suddenly she noticed the time, so she put her wand down on her bedside table, and closed her eyes. Just before she drifted asleep, one more image entered her mind. The boy she had passed on the way out of Ollivanders... Could he be the one?

A/N Hi there!! Sorry If it's not very good, this is my first fanfic so I'm open to criticism and recommendations! This is the intro, so I just hope you guys like it. I'm hoping to getthe next one done by tomorrow, but if I don't it will be soon, and the chapters should start getting longer.

Dimples Xx

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