Soulmates - A Harry Potter Fanfic

A cute little story about two wands destined to meet each other... Or is it?

This is my first fan-fiction, so sorry if I miss out any important details. ;D


4. Realisation...


Omg I am sooo sorry I couldn't write when I said I would I've just had a lot on my plate lately.. But this is the next chapter and I hope you like it! I have been writing all day XD!

~Dimples Xx

Draco's POV

I was so engulfed in my own thoughts that I almost didn't notice Kayla running past with a worried look on her face...

"Stupid Mudblood." I mumbled. Just then, she spun around on her heel and stared into my eyes asking,

"What. Did you just call me?" A sense of rage in her eyes. I was slightly scared, but stood tall anyway, knowing that crab and goyle were the... I looked to my sides and they had run off in fear! I started shaking a bit but I tried to hide it. Unfortunately for me, it was clear in my voice as I repeated,

"Stupid. Mudblood" my voice trembling all the while.

"You scared Malfoy? Your no better than Neville!"

She stated with a sharp victorious tone of voice, then she ran off without saying another word. I was shaking vigorously as I realised what a commotion we had made. Everyone was staring at me, some giggling, and then, Hermione aproached me a took a picture. No doubt for the school newspaper.

'I'm screwed' I thought, realising what was happening. My reputation? Down the drain. My friends? Ran away in fear! My father?


Kayla's POV

As I stared into his eyes I felt something... But ignored it, as the sense of adrenaline from standing up to a bully rushed through me. I felt him trembling for I had to be so close to him to even look near his hight. A sudden thought rushed through my head ~wow I'm a midget...~ Well done brain. I'm only 5.4 it's not like I'm the average size of a 2ND YEAR! This only made myself angrier, so I decided to channel this pointless anger onto Draco. Suddenly he interrupted my thoughts by saying tinily (if that's a word (probably not)) and with trembling in his voice,

"Stupid. Mudblood." Another thought rushed through my head... ~check his wand~ No!! I hid that thought at the back of my mind, and focused on the rage that still lingered. I moved to my last resort. Make fun of him.

"You scared Malfoy?" I asked mockingly. My hand reached for my wand in my boot, but then I remembered where I needed to be.

"You're no better than Neville!" And ran off. As I ran, I heard the giggles of people watching, and felt a small sense of accomplishment.


Sorry it's so late, it's 11:44pm in the UK and I've only just finished writing... Heh whoops...

Anyway, I might not be updating this one much, because I've entered the doctor who writing competition!! Wish me luck!!

~Dimples Xx

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